Friday, July 1, 2011

Bath & Body Works Sale

Happy July!  I had went into Bath & Body Works last weekend originally just for more Wallflowers but I found this lotion and body spray that were cherry flavored and I couldn't resist! These were being cleared out so I only paid $3 for the body spray and $2 for the lotion.  And I did end up purchasing a new Wallflower (bright pink) and one pack of the wallflower bulbs in Peppermint, left over from x-mas.  

These definitely smell fruity and almost a little like bubblegum.  Very, very sweet bubblegum.  I like the texture and the smell of the lotion but I will probably save it for special occasions.  Body sprays usually aren't very long wearing enough for me but with the tiny price tag, I couldn't resist.
Did you check out the sale?  Anything good that you got?

Cherry love,

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