Sunday, July 31, 2011

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick-Top Notch Tulip

This is Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Liquid Lipstick in the color Top Notch Tulip.  Very pretty color right?  SO gorgeous.  I bought this from Target, where it was marked down on clearance for $4.54, but I had a manufacturer coupon for $2 off and a Target coupon for $1 off, so I got this for next to nothing.  There were more colors available on clearance and for full price. These Revlon liquid lipsticks retailed for around $8 at Target.
 Revlon ColorStay Liquid Lipstick in Top Notch Tulip
This liquid lipstick is a shimmery rose gold color.  It comes with the standard doe foot applicator and has a slight scent to it, but nothing too overpowering.  
The consistency is something that I have to get used to.  I thought that it would feel more like a gloss and wear like a lipstick.  I was wrong.  The color is very pretty but it literally felt like I was wearing a glue stick on my lips.  Very sticky and super unpleasant.  Not only did it make my lips feel very dry, the color doesn't last very long either.  Here is what my lips looked like after eating and drinking.
It looks like my lips are diseased. lol.  There is no way to remedy this.  Very disappointing...  It doesn't come off with just tissue or your finger either if you want to remove it, so I broke out the big guns...make up remover wipes.

In all, I love the color and how full and pretty it makes my lips look, but the stickiness factor and the wear time make this impossible for me to declare it as a new found favorite.  A definite miss.  I will not be purchasing any more colors from this particular line.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wet 'n Wild Tinted Moisturizers

I picked these Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Sheer tinted moisturizers up from my Kmart haul last month when they were buy one get one free.  I still can't believe that I got so many products for free that day-still giddy when I think about it!  
I got #184 and #183 because I wasn't sure which shade I would be, so I figured I could mix them together if I needed to.  These retailed at Kmart for $3.99 each.

Here are swatches - #183, Sun Kissed, is on the left and #184, Buff, is on the right.  They look like regular foundation right?  But I think that they feel a lot lighter and the consistency is different. 
Here I blended out the colors on the back of my hand.  Sun Kissed, #183 is the darker one of the two whereas Buff blends out a lot nicer on me, but maybe a tad too white still.

I tried Buff first on my face because it blended out better for me.  I started to apply this with a sponge but I felt it soaked up all of the product, so I ditched that and used my fingers to blend instead.  I did use a little bit of concealer to cover up my acne scars and under my eyes before I used this product.  I was actually pleased with the coverage on this.  I honestly wasn't expecting a whole lot when I picked up these, but I was pleasantly surprised.  
The only thing that I dislike the packaging.  It just looks so...plain.  It's just a sticker with the label. But the squeeze tube is great.  It's perfect for dispensing the amount that you want. You do get a lot of product- 1 fl oz to be exact with this packaging though.  These also have SPF 15 in them.  I wore this out on a fishing trip with the hub because of that. lol.
Tinted love,

Friday, July 29, 2011

Rockstar Nails-Glitter Tutorial

Here is another fun glitter look that I created earlier this week for your nails:
And I took pictures to show you a quick tutorial of what I did to achieve this look.  Here are all of the products that I used.
Left to right:  Seche Vite, Sally Hansen Hard as Nails, Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine in Sparked, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Rockstar Pink, H&M polish in Sea Pearl
1.  Prep nails.  Add base coat.
2.  After base coat is dry, apply one coat 
of H&M Sea Pearl all over nails. 
3.  Using Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine polish in Sparked, 
paint color only on top third of nail.  
Bring up the color randomly over the nail bed towards the cuticle.
Let dry.
4.  Using the same polish, go over just the tips to intensify the color.
 You can leave this just the way it is and just apply topcoat.  
I went one step further and applied 
another glitter polish on top of this one.
5.  Take Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polish in Rockstar Pink and go over Sparked.  One coat is all you need.
 6.  Take a brush and acetone and clean up around your nails.
7.  Add topcoat.  I used one coat of Seche Vite.
8.  Let dry and enjoy your fanciful nails!
Additional tips :
*Choose colors that will compliment each other.  Sparked and Rockstar Pink both have purple glitter in them.
* Choose a larger glitter polish to lay down first and a finer glitter polish to use on top of that one.  
*Topcoat is a must to ensure that your glitter mani lasts. I apply a topcoat everyday/every other day.
Experiment and have fun with different colors! 

Off to party like a rockstar,

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Smokey Naked Eyes-Tutorial

Here is a sexy, smokey look that I created with the UD Naked Palette:
I really like the gradient look and I think that this would be easy to duplicate using different colors like purples, and navy's.  And I took pictures during to create a quick tutorial for you all.  

1. Prep eyes with primer.  I used UD original Primer Potion.
2. Take Buck and sweep over lid with a fluffy brush.
 3.  Take Dark Horse and sweep near lash line, over Buck.
 4. Take Toasted and work into the crease.  Blend into Buck.
 5. Blend, blend blend!  Go back and darken in Dark Horse and Buck if needed. 
 6.  Take Side Car and sweep over the inner corner of eye and blend towards center of eye.  Be gentle.  This is to only offer a slight shimmer on top of the look. 
7. Add Virgin to brow bone and highlight. 
8.  Line lashes with black/brown liquid liner.  
 (Optional) Add false lashes-these are from F21.
 9.  Clean up any fallout with a fan brush.

A fun finished look that is totally appropriate for play or work!
I love this look so much that I have been wearing it for three days straight now-minus the falsies. I also softened the darker colors a little bit.  :) 
What has been your go-to look lately? 

Bat those lashes,

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Spellbound- CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick

Picked this up at Walmart with a coupon for $1 off, which brought this lipstick down to under $5.  
I picked a fun color instead of gravitating towards my usual neutrals and pinks.  This is Spellbound #325, a fun purpley fuchsia color.   My camera doesn't pick up this color in the tube well because it looks more like a deep pink in these pictures.  :(
 Swatched:  Spellbound
I'm loving this new color.  I usually lean towards neutrals whenever I go out or I go into the other extreme and wear red, but nothing like this color.  Can't wait to experiment!

Spellbound love,

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here is my current mani, a silver glitter look.  It took a while to dry  but it was worth it.  I love how pretty this looks.
Sorry no tutorial today as I did this look late at night and had no good lighting, but here is a list all of the products in order that I used to create this look.

1. Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Nylon & Retinol Strengthener (base)

2. One coat of H&M nail polish in Sea Pearl applied all over nail.
*Dupe: NYC Love Letters or a sheer pink polish will work
3.  Two coats of NYC nail polish in String of Pearls, a very sheer white color, applied just on tips of nails.

4.  One coat of Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Hallucination,
applied just on tips, over String of Pearls. 

5.  Three coats of Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Kaleidoscope, just on tips & bring the last coat up gradually over nail bed towards cuticles.
6.  One coat of Seche Vite fast dry topcoat all over nails
 Left to Right:  Seche Vite, Hallucination, Kaleidoscope, String of Pearls, Sea Pearl
You do have to have patience and really let these layers dry before applying the other one on top otherwise you will just end up with layers of nail polish that will smudge and not dry properly, causing shrinkage.  To make your mani last longer, apply two coats of topcoat once everything is dry the next day. 
Enjoy your sparkly nails,

Monday, July 25, 2011

Powder & Gloss

I went to Water Tower Place on the Magnificent Mile in Chicago as well and found a Sephora's there.  I managed to do some damage before the store closed for the day.

I picked up two more of the Sephora's Mineral Powder because they were now $5 each.  What a steal.  I had gotten mine for $10 last time.  I picked up the shade that I have now and a lighter shade as well so that I could custom mix them again if I needed to.  

I also picked up another BareMinerals powder.  This time I got the correct shade I needed, but in the Matte line instead.  I have such a hard time controlling oil on my T-zone, so I wanted to give this powder a try.  
While waiting in line, I also saw this Benefit trio that is sold exclusively at Sephora's.  This package comes with two cheek tints and one lip tint.  I haven't tried anything from Benefit before but I was curious about the cheek tint.  I thought this would be a great way to try out several colors before committing to buy.  
Swatches:  Posietint, High Beam, Benetint
Benetint is a lot sheerer than the other two, even though it is the darker color of the lot.  As you can see on the swatch, it dried almost instantaneously.  You really have to work quickly with this one.

Posietint is a little too sheer for me.  Once blended out on my cheeks, it just disappeared.  I had hoped for a nice flushed look.  Benetint did just that though.  Even though the deep rose color is a little scary, it blended out into a sheer wash on my cheeks.  

I like the coloring of Benetint the most out of these three.  I gave this a try on my lips but I didn't like the drying feeling, which is why I usually don't buy lip stains.  I slathered on lip balm to counteract the dryness after I tried this as a lip stain so I can't testify on the lasting power.

Have you tried these before?  What are your thoughts?

Stained cheeks,