Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Lipsticks-Just So & Heather Shimmer

These Rimmel lipsticks were on clearance at Target so I picked them both up for only $2.54 each.  I picked out the shades Just So, and Heather Shimmer. 
 Rimmel London Lipsticks from left to right:  Just so and Heather Shimmer
 Just So and Heather Shimmer
 Swatches:  Just So and Heather Shimmer
 On lips:  Just So
 On lips:  Heather Shimmer
These lipsticks aren't as creamy as other drug store brand lipsticks that I have tried.  They are very pigmented though and the colors are definitely buildable.  I lick my lips a lot and so I do need to reapply these every couple of hours or so.  I would imagine they would last a lot longer with liner underneath.  I find that these can be a bit drying for me, so I like to swipe on lip balm first. 

The packaging is very sturdy and I like how the lipstick goes all the way down in the tube so there is no risk of nicks.  There is a reassuring click noise so you know that the top is on tight.  I also like the tiny price tag that I got for these two lipsticks.  

At this point, I do plan on trying more colors from this line.  I think that as a lipstick junkie, I have to try them all in order to know what I like and what I don't like right? ;)

Clearance deals & Love,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Revlon Scented Polish- Grapefruit Fizz

Here is another scented nail polish that I got from Revlon, Grapefruit Fizz.  I used my $1 off coupon from Walgreens to get this one. (regular price $4.99)

One thing that I learned is that you shouldn't try to smell these straight out of the bottle.  All you'll get is a big whiff of nail polish that will make you dizzy enough to pass out in the store aisle.  Better to wait til it dries on your nails to sniff them.  lol.
 Revlon Scented Polish-Grapefruit Fizz
I picked out Grapefruit Fizz because of the flecks of gold in the formula.  Gorgeous!  These flecks are a little bit on the small side, but that's okay.
Here I layered Grapefruit Fizz over a bright pink color, Ulta Fuchsiamania and I did my ring finger in black, Sinful Colors Black on Black.  All colors were three coats.  I then layered on Grapefruit Fizz in two coats and sealed everything with one coat of Seche Vite.  I love how it turned the black accent finger a sort of purpley color instead. 

Fizzy nails,

Monday, August 29, 2011

NEW Beauty Coupons!

Hey lovely readers!  Just a quick heads up- Target has some new printable beauty coupons on their website!  There are some awesome deals, including $1 off a Sonia Kashuk product (this is when I nab those Full Glam lashes).  Just a reminder that you can stack these Target coupons with manufacturer coupons for an even sweeter deal! 

Also-did you sign up for the new beauty bag from Target yet?  I'm having trouble getting through. :(  
Anyways, make sure there's ink in your printer and get to clickin'!

Click, snip, & save,

Urban Decay $1 Pigments & Swatches

I had ordered these pigments from Urban Decay when they had their massive sale online.  These 8 pigments were only $1 each.  I was thisclose to ordering all of them, but limited myself.  (Practicing self control here.) 
 Urban Decay Pigments
Now for individual pictures...
As you can see, these come with a little brush that is attached to the bottle.  It doesn't reach all the way to the bottom of the jar though, so that is kind of pointless. 

And swatches from left to right:  
Smog, Rockstar, Goddess, Asphyxia, Shag, Shattered, Graffiti, X
 With flash
 Without flash
 Rockstar and Goddess both have chunky glitter in them so that made it hard to swatch.  Rockstar is a mix of purple and black- I thought it would be a straight up purple from the tube.  These two will probably be the hardest to blend.  You would definitely want to use a tacky base when working with Goddess and Rockstar.  Of these eight, X is probably my favorite.

Taking a brush and dipping it into the narrow opening might be a little tricky as well.  Your best bet is to use a flat surface and dump out a little bit of pigment using the attached brush and then work from there.  The brush that comes with the bottle is crap, not really wide enough to pack on the pigment to your lid.  

Other than that, the top twists off and closes very securely.  The top of the bottle is wider than the base, so storing these upright is the best way.  I like that the bottom of the base is also clear so that you can see what color pigment is in the jar.
I don't really use pigments when I create looks,  just because of how messy they are.  It looks like these might take the cake when it comes to messiness.  Just taking the brush out of the jar creates little poofs of pigment all over the place. :/  

In all, I think that I got a great deal on these pigments.  For $1 each, I can't complain too much.  I might even use some to fraken.  I'm talking about you, Rockstar and Goddess.  The packaging is nice and sturdy and the color payoff is generally good, save for a select few.

Do you like working with pigments?  And did you get anything from the Urban Decay sale?


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Silent Treatment- FOTD

Hi everyone!  Here is my look of the day using Wet 'n Wild's ColorIcon trio in Silent Treatment.  There is a taupe all-over lid color, a chunky, glittery charcoal crease color and a matte, baby pink brow highlight color all included in this trio.  
The crease color is very pigmented, so I used a very light hand with the color for this particular look.  I used an angled eye shadow brush to lightly place it onto my outer V and blended it into the crease.  I just have to say that the taupe all-over lid color is just simply gorgeous.  I can see myself going back to this palette just for that color. 
Anyways, on to the photos.  I used the colors just as the palette suggests to create this look.  I also paired black liquid liner and my Sonia Kashuk full glam lashes to complete the look.  The matte pink highlight color doesn't really show up well on my skin tone though.
 Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon trio in Silent Treatment
Here are more close-up pictures of the look: 
I am really enjoying these trios and even picked up a new one today, the Knock on Wood trio from Walgreens.  

Do you have the entire collection?  Which one is your favorite?
Eye Love You All,

got2b Good Deals!

got2b hair products were buy one get one free this past week at Walgreens, so I took my coupon from ALL YOU magazine for $2 off any full size got2b hair product and paired it with this sale.
These were priced at $5.99 each, but after the sale and the coupon, I only paid $3.99 for both products!

Also used my two $1 off coupons that I printed off for Wet 'n Wild.  These were good towards any product from Wet 'n Wild that was priced at $2.99 and up.  This was a perfect opportunity to pick up two of the ColorIcon palettes that I still needed, I Dream of Jeanie and I'm Feeling Retro.

Here is my receipt:
My total, out of pocket expense, a whopping $5.63 with a total savings of $12.99!  

I meant to post this sooner but I forgot.  You can still pick up an issue of the Sept ALL YOU magazine and clip the coupon - you would only be paying $3.99 for one product.  Anyways, I love couponing.  ^_^   Have you been clipping coupons lately?  If you haven't picked up today's Sunday paper yet, there's some great beauty coupons in this week's inserts.

it's got2b love,

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sinful Colors-Bali Mist

Picked up this polish during the .99 cent sale at Wags.  This was the bottle that I was most excited about.  Just look at that luscious duochrome in the bottle!
It looks like an oil slick right?  I was so excited about finding this.  Unfortunately, that's where this love affair ends.  This did not translate on my nails at all.  Also- bubbling.  *sigh*
 Sinful Colors-Bali Mist
Where, oh, where did the purple go?  I was mystified.  This is three coats of Bali Mist on my nails by the way.  I was hoping with each coat, that the lovely oil splash colors would show up on my nails.  I was sorely disappointed.  Not to be outdone- I tried layering this over two coats of Sinful Colors Black on Black.
This was two coats over the black base.  This is what I had wanted it to look like in the first place.  hmmmph.   Four coats of polish later, I am only slightly satisfied. This polish requires too much work.  :/

Did you pick up this color too?  And are you as disappointed as I am in it?


Friday, August 26, 2011

Urban Decay- My Goodies

I finally received my Urban Decay products that I ordered online today.  Yay!  ^_^ 
I had ordered a bunch of pigments for only $1 each.  I had thought that I would be getting a little pigment jar, but no- these are pretty hefty and store a good amount of product!  I have it pictured next to my mascara so you can compare the sizes. 
Urban Decay Pigments
Urban Decay pigment in Rockstar
No swatches yet, sorry.  Soon.  I have a lot that I want to say about these, so I will do a more in depth review on them in a separate post.

Also picked up one matte eye shadow.  I am not really a fan of matte shadows, but I thought that this one would be nice to add to my collection.  And it's purple.  My favorite color. :)
 UD matte shadow in Purple Haze
And I also got one tinted moisturizer for $6.  I picked out the shade Bullet Proof.
 Urban Decay Tinted Moisturizer in Bullet Proof
I swatched this and it looks like it might be a little too dark for me.  I am kicking myself now for not ordering another one in a different shade. *smacks forehead*

And I also received this sample with my order.  
That's my modest haul from the sale.  Did you get anything?