Sunday, July 17, 2011

Inspired Jewelry

Hi everyone!  I just wanted to show some pieces that I picked up while I was in Chicago.  These are just some simple pieces that I fell in love with and couldn't leave behind. 

The first one is this cherry key chain that I purchased at Charlotte Russe.  This key chain is encrusted with faux gems and green lacquered leaves.  I fell in love with it, even though the price tag said $6.99.  I normally would not spend that much just for a key chain, honestly...I wouldn't.  But it just so happened that I had my student i.d. on me that day which I showed to the cashier.  That saved me an automatic 10 percent!  (All of the Charlotte Russe's that I have been to give you a 10% discount if you show a valid student i.d.- sometimes you have to ask if you don't spot a sign up advertising it.)
I also bought these two necklaces from Forever21.  These were $4.99 each.  I have decided that I like long dangly necklaces better.  They look great with anything and I can wear them all year round over sweaters, long sleeve tops, summer dresses and t-shirts.  I picked out this long tribal inspired silver chain.  It reminds me of some of the Hmong/Thai hammered silver necklaces that I have.
I also picked this necklace with the feather detailing across.  It has a small faux gem on one side.  I just really liked the simplicity and it is so me.  I paired this necklace with a black tank top and khaki shorts the other day.
Sparkly love,

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