Friday, July 8, 2011

July Dollar Tree Finds

I always make it a point to stop at the beauty section when ever I go to the Dollar Tree.  This month I scored on some new products.

First, I found these three Almay Intense I-Color shadow trios.  These are customized shadows that will bring out your eye color when applied to the lids.  Honestly, I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I purchased these.  I have never used any Almay products before.  I feel that their marketing is geared towards an older population which could be why I was just not drawn to their products before.  But for $1 price tag-why not?

I purchased three of the trios, one for blue eyes, one for brown eyes and one for hazel eyes.
 Above:  Almay Intense i-color trio for blue eyes
 Above:  Almay Intense i-color trio for brown eyes
 Above:  Almay Intense i-color trio for hazel eyes
Boy, was I surprised when I swatched these.  These are sooo pretty!  I thought that they would be extra powdery and just crap but I was so wrong. Just look at how pigmented these are!
 Almay Intense i-color trio for brown eyes
 Almay Intense i-color trio for hazel eyes
 Almay Intense i-color trio for blue eyes
Ohmygosh.  I can't believe I was thisclose to passing them up.  I'm so glad I purchased these.  

Here I did a daytime look with the brown I-color trio. This color trio reminds of Neapolitan ice cream. lol.
Then I found this L'oreal HIP shimmer bronzer, also for $1.  There was only one shade available for purchase, Blessed #895.  
 The bottom compartment holds a mirror and a small brush that snaps into place.  The brush is very flimsy and I probably won't end up using it unless I'm in a pinch.  I like that this bottom compartment does not add any extra bulk to the packaging. 
 Swatches of Blessed
There is some gold shimmer specks that are found through out the powder.  I like the color and I think it would accentuate my skin tone just fine.  I have been collecting bronzers like crazy lately too so this might sit on the back burner for a bit while I work through the rest of what I got.

And I needed another chapstick, so I picked out this one from SoftLips.  It is made with beeswax.  Interesting.  I thought application was very nice with this chapstick.  Very moisturizing.  I also like how the tube is shaped like a lipstick instead of a tube of chapstick.  Very cool.
What did you find at your local Dollar Tree this month?

A dollar for my thoughts,

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