Wednesday, July 6, 2011

H2o Mud Mask

This was a purchase from TJ Maxx.  I was curious about the seaweed mud mask and what it might do for me.  I paid $5.99 for this product.
This product comes out a little bit runnier than Queen Helene's Mint mask.  Where the Queen Helene's mask is thicker and comes out like a paste, this Spa H2o formula is runnier and much thinner.  Here it looks like a slug on my fingers. lol.
 H2o Seaweed Mud Treatment
 What it claims:
I used it this morning on my face and because of the consistency, it was a little difficult trying to get an even layer on my face.  I also felt a tingly, almost stinging sensation on my nose where it had begun to dry slightly.  That was worrisome.  lol.  But the sensation subsided once the mask began to dry.  I let it dry for about ten minutes before washing it off with warm water.   It left my skin soft and smooth and squeaky clean.  

I only tried this on my face, but you can also use it for the rest of the body.  I will probably use this one my chest and collar bone to clear up any clogged pores.  I will definitely use this once a week or to spot treat.  A great buy!

Mud masks & green faces,


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  2. Not sure how this stuff is suppose to be applied any different from what I did, but less than 1 minute of having a very thin layer of this stuff on my face it burned both my cheeks, chin and lip so bad I have red marks on my face, heat rash and peeling of the skin. I wouldn't recommend this stuff to anyone who has sensitive skin and this is the last H20 Spa product I will ever purchase again.

  3. Seaweed speeds up your metabolism to loose weight. You should use it ad a slim wrap, not on your face.