Sunday, April 7, 2013

L'Oreal-Sublime Bronze: Luminous Bronzer Self Tanner Review

Hello dolls.  Today I am reviewing a product from L'Oreal's Sublime Bronze line, their Luminous Bronzer Self Tanner lotion.   I have been a bit obsessed with self tanning lately, and have been looking for a touch of sunkissed skin, even though the weather has barely begun to warm up where I live.  
 Anyways, as a self tanner virgin, I was looking for something that was user friendly and easily accessible.  Therefore, I looked to the drugstore.  I found that at this time of the year, L'Oreal had the most options to choose from.  I picked up two products from their line, the first of which I am showing you today.

This is a bronzing lotion, which is what drew me to it right away.  Lotions are pretty user friendly right?  And much, much less intimidating than a foam or a mousse formula.  And illuminating?  Sure, who doesn't want sexy, glowy legs?

The bottle also claims that it has "Instant Action" and promises results right away.  Here is what the back of the bottle says:
I was sold.  This product retails for around $10.  This week, L'Oreal products are bogo 50% off at Walgreens, so if you want to score a deal, I suggest going there this week.
So, as soon as I got home, I took a shower, shaved my legs and exfoliated with a loofah.  Then, I went to work.  I was most interested in using this product on my legs, as they had gotten pasty white over the winter.

Here is what the product looks like:
This is moreso a gel formula than an actual lotion.  Notice too, that it has glitter particles in it, which fulfills the "golden illumination" claim.

I worked in the lotion/gel in circular patterns with my hands, and focused on working in small areas in order to develop consistent color.  I worked this all the way up my leg and onto my thighs.  Here is a before and after picture:
As you can see, there is an instant color difference.  I liked that there are instant results.  The smell is something atrocious though.  Notice on the bottle that it advertises a new fresh scent.  I wonder what the old scent smelled like and if this is really an upgrade?  The smell definitely lingers too after the initial application.

It also leaves you very sparkly-like Edwardinthesunsparkly.  Case in point:
This is the underside of my arm.  I think that this self tanner might be fun to use if you are going out at night or to a party or something, but not for daily wear.  The glitter transfers onto clothing and rubs off onto pretty much everything you touch and wear.  

The lotion/gel formula does dry quickly, but can feel slightly tacky at times, especially under the knees and in the elbows.  I chose to wear loose clothing and clothing that I didn't particularly care about in case there was any staining, but I didn't find that it stained.  

I did use this over the course of three days, and found that the color deepened beautifully without looking too orangy on me.   (Yes, I put up with the glitter for three days.)  To maintain the color, they recommend that you continue to use the product at least once a week.

I do want to point out though, that this product will leave you with orange stained hands:
Lemon juice should do the trick, but I also went out to Ulta and bought a self tanning mitt from the St. Tropez line for $7.
This should eliminate the orange hands for the rest of the self tanners that I have yet to review.  :)
This is just a mitt made out of foam like material, and with black fabric on the back.  You just slip your hand inside like so:
So this should make things a little bit easier and less messy.  Sorry, I know this is a really long review.  I just have a lot to say!

In all, I think that this self tanner is pretty easy to use and gives you instant results.  I just don't like the sparkle factor.  (L'Oreal people, if you are reading this, please one with without the glitter!)  The smell I can put up with, and with the price point at just $10, I think that this is a really affordable way to get a sunless tan.  

Are you into self tanning at all?  What products do you use or have heard about?  After all of the drugstore products that I have to use, I am thinking about trying something from the St. Tropez line.  Let me know!



  1. love the review, i've only used Jergens in the past. Recently I got the St. Tropez tanning mousse and it is GREAT. it's a little pricey but definitely worth it, leaves you tan not orange at all. i definitely recommend it :)

    1. I am planning on picking it up soon! Glad to hear that you like it!