Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kiss Me!

Have you ever tried the Kiss eyelashes?  These lashes were $3.99 each at Walgreens so I took my two coupons for $2 off any Kiss lashes and headed to Wags.  

I got number 04, lashes that criss cross 
and number 05, full fluttery lashes:
Anyways, these new Kiss lashes come with the little red strings that are supposed to help with the application process.  They claim to be five times faster and easier.  As a veteran lash wearer- I am a little leery about these strings.  I only need one hand to put my falsies on- I use tweezers to help assist in applying and hold a small mirror up with my other hand so I can see what I am doing.  

I tried putting the #04 lashes with the red strings last night. Using both hands I had to lean over my sink to get closer to the mirror, but I just could not get close enough to see.  Hummm...yeah...that lasted a whole two seconds.  I ended up yanking out the red strings and using my fool-proof method to apply.  Maybe they would be good idea for beginners, but I found them awkward to use.

So about the #04 lashes...even in the box, I could tell that they were much too small, lengthwise, for my eyes.  I had to position them several times (with and without the red strings)  and they still looked funny.  There was no curl to these at all.  Once they were on my lid, they were stick straight and super heavy.  Um-no thanks.  I took them off.  I was horrified.  Too horrified to even take a picture.  lol.  I have never met a falsie that I didn't like!  This lash band is so thick that it just doesn't allow for a good application.  *sigh*  Such a disappointment. 

Sweet butterfly kisses,

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