Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer Review

I had bought one of these originally for one of my prize packages for the Fraken Nail Polish contest I held in June.  I was curious about this nail buffer so I took my other coupon and went back to Kmart to pick one up for myself.  I bought this at Kmart where it was priced at $2.99 but I had a coupon for $2 off any Revlon tool so I got it for only .99 cents.  Deal!

Here is what the buffer looks like:
Back of the buffer:
I like the shape of this buffer, because it allows you to get closer to the cuticle by using the top of the buffer.  Unlike the regular pink rectangular buffers I have, this one only has two sides.  The white side is the buffing side and the green side has a very fine sandpapery texture.  You have to use the green side first to smooth over the nail bed and then use the white side to buff the nail to a shiney smoothness.  I just used a back and forth motion when I used it on my nails.

Here is my natural nail, with no product on it what-so-ever. 
And here, I went over my nail with the green side of the buffer.
And here I went over it with the white side of the buffer.  oooohhh...ahhhh... :D
Pretty shiny huh?  Looks like I have a coat of clear polish on!

Okay, so what don't I like?  The white buffing side is a sticker.  Yes, that's right, a sticker.  It is attached to the foam shape as a sticker, and so is the green side.  So if you buff a little too hard, the sticker comes peeling off and you have stickiness on your nails.  Not cool. So be gentle with your buffer.  Or you will have gummy fingers.  

In conclusion, I will be using this nail buffer in the future because it does deliver.  I like how the green side of the buffer smoothed over the left over nail glue from my broken nail repair and it got rid of any unevenness in my nail bed.  The white side of the buffer does leave my nails shinier and they look so much healthier.  I like the shape of the nail buffer as well because it is much more user friendly.  Have you tried this nail buffer yet? 

Buffed & Shiney,

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