Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Revlon-Jaded Night

Hey there dolls.  Here is what I am wearing on my nails for you all:
This is Revlon's Jaded Night, a color that was released with the Halloween collection last year.  I found this for $1 at Big Lots.  
Jaded Night is an inky green on the nails.  I love this.  No problems with the polish at all.  I am having trouble with my Seche Vite though.  It has started thickening up and the brush has some gunk on it, which transferred over to this mani.  *sigh*  Time to pick up a new one I guess.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Sinful Colors- Fig

Hello dolls. Here is what I am wearing on my nails at the moment:
This is Fig, from Sinful Colors.  Fig is a purple shimmery polish that applies easily.  This was opaque in two coats.  I topped it off with Seche Vite.
Fig is one of the newer colors released from Sinful Colors.  This July was the first time that I had spotted it.  I snagged it when Wags had their .99 cent sale, otherwise I would have probably skipped this color. 

Sunday, July 29, 2012

OPI-Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?

Hello friends.  Here is what I am wearing on my nails:
This is from the OPI Holland collection.  Dutch Ya Just Love OPI? is a purple shimmery color. 
 OPI-Dutch Ya Just Love OPI?
 See that lovely shimmah?  So pretty.  This is not your ordinary purple polish, that's for sure.  

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Essie-Exotic Liras

Hey dolls.  Here is what I am wearing today for you all:
This is from Essie, in Exotic Liras.  I found this at TJ Maxx for just  $3.99.  Exotic Liras is an exemplary color-one of my favorites.  I adore this polish.
Exotic Liras is a beautiful, deep fuchsia creme.  It applies quite nicely and was not problematic at all.  In these photos I applied two coats, and topped it off with Seche Vite.  Could not stop staring at my nails all day.  ;)


Friday, July 27, 2012

Currently Obsessed With...

Hey friends.  Welcome to this month's edition of Currently Obsessed With.  This is what made the cut this month:

Wet 'n Wild Tinted Moisturizer in Sun Kissed
 I picked this up last summer and only recently pulled it back out. With the heat wave recently, I don't want to wear anything heavy on my face.  This is perfect.  I don't even use a brush/sponge to apply.  I literally just slap it on, add some powder to set it and that's it!  

OPI-My Boyfriend Scales Walls
 I can see what all the hype was about.  Just an off-white creme but sooo wearable.  A lovely shade overall, and I would recommend that you pick this up if you haven't already.  You will love it.

Revlon Balm Stain in Charm
I've been keeping this in my daily makeup bag.  At first, it leaves my lips looking sexy and swollen- like I've been in a makeout session for hours.  After that fades, it leaves a beautiful coral stain behind.  *gorgeous*

Victoria's Secret Radiant Blush in Fresh Love
This color is so yummy.  It gives me a great glow without being too over the top.  I also like how it diffuses on the cheek, without being too orange/peach.  It just leaves a lovely flushed look.  I adore this and have been using it daily since I got it earlier this month.  And the price was nothing to complain about either.

What have you been obsessing about this month?  Do tell!


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Polish Haulin'

Hey dolls.   I have some new polishes that I picked up this week.

 L-R:  Cross my Heart, Fig, Winterberry, Rain Storm, Leap Flog
Hmm'kay...I know, I know... I bought these Sinful Color polishes on Sunday from Wag's .99 cent sale, before all of the drama erupted.  As of right now, I am not sure what to think.  I am appalled that marketing at Revlon/SF overlooked the fact that the bottles in the brochure aren't even Sinful Color bottles (um, duh!) and the stealing of photos is even more outrageous.  But I want to hear what Sinful Colors has to say about this and if there is or will be a peaceful resolution to this.  Therefore, I have decided that I am not going to be participating in boycotting this brand.  You can feel to do so as you please.  I am just waiting to see how this ends and what amends can be made.

See here to read what initially had happened.  
See here to see what Revlon said on Wed. July 25th.

As a blogger, I have only recently begun to watermark my photos.  I would like credit for my work when credit is due, so I can understand where the nail blogging community is coming from.  I do not approve of what Sinful Colors did, don't get me wrong but I am just not ready to cast them off yet.  You can let me know how you feel down below about this issue, but please be respectful. Thank you.
In addition to the Sinful Colors purchases, I also stopped at Sally Beauty to scope out the clearance deals.  Sadly, nothing tickled my fancy save for this lone bottle of Finger Paints in Beach Bound.  This was under $2 if I remember correctly.
When I read on several blogs that Deborah Lipmann polishes were surfacing at TJ Maxx, I headed over as soon as I could.  Sadly, there were none when I went a-searching.  I did find several Essie polishes though, marked down to $3.99 each.  So I picked up Exotic Liras and Absolutely Shore.  What a great steal. That brings my Essie polish count up to...4. :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What's In My... Beach Bag

Hey dolls.  As I was packing to take E to the pool the other day, I thought I would snap some pictures of what I take along with me in my beach bag!  I know I like to read when other bloggers post a "What's in my purse/makeup bag/travel case/etc. but I have never gotten around to doing something like that til now.  So here is the first edition:   

What's in my beach bag?
First up, the essentials.  From left to right: 

Waterproof zip-up bag (to store extra panties)
Contact case with solution
Coppertone sunscreen in SPF 30
Up & Up sunscreen in SPF 50
Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil
Shiseido facial sunscreen in SPF 55

My heart towel is from TJ Maxx.  I also always bring a pair of shades and a chapstick (not pictured).

I prefer spray on sunscreens, especially when I take E, because it's quick and easy.  Just spray and go.  I have two different sunscreens because my Coppertone one is almost out.  You can get the Up & Up brand from Target.  I had bought the higher SPF because we were planning an all day trip out to Wisconsin Dells earlier this month.  

I always wear sunscreen when I'm going to be out in the sun or else I get major sunburn.  That being said, I always bring my Shiseido sunscreen along too so I can slap it on my face instead of the spray-ons.  I bought the tanning oil because my legs are ridiculously white compared to the rest of my body. lol. It's been helping.
Optional take alongs, I always try to bring a hat to keep the sun out of my eyes.  There isn't a lot of shade where we go to the pool.  A magazine or a book is also something that I bring along because E is 8 years old afterall, and an avid swimmer, which can get exhausting for me.  He also likes to pretend that he doesn't know me when we go there, so I often resign myself to lounging in the chairs with a good read after a quick dip.

What do you bring along with you to the pool/beach?  Do tell!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sally Hansen-Set in Stone

Hey dolls.  Here is what I am wearing on my nails:
The base color is from Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails line, in Set in Stone.  This is a milky pink that is perfect for french manicures.  So I used this just for that.  (sorry for not taking pictures of it all by itself!) 

Yup.  I did a french mani and pedi for the first time and it actually looks decent!  *so proud of myself*  I won't gross you out by posting feet pictures though.
For these photos I am wearing three coats, just so you can see that it is buildable.  I then took my white nail pen and drew guidelines for a french mani on my tips. After I drew those lines, I went over it with my Sally Hansen White On to make it more opaque.  

But, I wasn't happy with it so I decided to do a glitter gradient.  For this, I used OPI's Servin' Up Sparkle and Color Club's Platinum Record.  A good topcoat to seal everything in, and I was done. 


Monday, July 23, 2012

Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me:

1. Current read  2. Bowling with E
3. Nails  4. Biking with E
5.Shallow water
6. Dusk  7.  TJ Maxx finds
 8. & 9. Celebration Dinner @ the Grand
10. Beautiful floral arrangements
11. Sweet ninja cookies!
12. THE cutest jelly shoes @ GAP