Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rimmel London-Kate Moss Lipstick #08

Hey dolls.  Did you all have a fun New Years Eve?  I just wanted to pop in and give you a closer look at my Kate Moss lipstick from Rimmel.
This comes in a matte black case but in the same design as the Lasting finish lipsticks.  I find that these cases aren't very secure.  I often lose the cap to my Airy Fairy lipstick in my purse.  The good thing is that the bullet is fully encased within the tube, so there is no  chance of nicks.

I had mentioned that this color reminded me of Airy Fairy but upon comparing them in the store, Airy Fairy is slightly cooler.  

Here is a swatch of the Kate Moss lipstick on my lips:
And here is Airy Fairy and other lippies to compare:
L to R:  Kate Moss #8, Airy Fairy, NYX Tea Rose, NYX B52, 
Maybelline Totally Toffee & Maybelline Born with It.
I was kind of surprised that I didn't have any spot on dupes for this color.  
Final Thoughts 

  • Sleek black packaging
  • Long wearing formula
  • Pigmented
  • Same signature scent as Lasting Finish line
  • Can leaves lips dry
I am still lemming for the red one from this same line, but haven't found it anywhere else yet. Also, I'm not sure if these lipsticks are limited edition.  I checked the website and they just mentioned that they were exclusive to Rimmel.  Well, obviously.  Anyways, I know that there were more colors released with her line, 7 total, but I only found a handful at my local Walgreens.  Where else have you spotted these?

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