Monday, July 11, 2011

Elf Studio Blush

I don't own any of the Elf studio line blushes yet so I thought that I would try them.  I have heard several good reviews on these as well so they peaked my interest.  I picked out Candid Coral and Tickled Pink, which were $3 each at Target.  
 Pictured below is Tickled Pink:
 Swatch:  Tickled Pink
 And pictured below is Candid Coral:
 Swatches:  Tickled Pink on left and Candid Coral on right
These are packaged like the Nars blushes, but without the rubbery texture which holds onto dust and fingerprints like a muther.  Most people think that these blushes are ah-maz-ing, but I think the pigmentation on these could be better. But the colors are pretty.  Even though the swatches are very sheer on me, they are buildable.

For the $3 price tag, these are nice blushes to add to your collection.  

Sheer love,


  1. i think elf blushes are very powdery...other than that i really like them.candid coral is very pretty.

  2. Hi Benish! Thanks for reading and commenting! I agree- I don't know what the hype is w/these blushes. I think they are rather powdery as well. Who knows-maybe I'll end up really liking them later on. lol.