Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wet 'n Wild- Color Icon Blushes Swatches & Review

Happy Halloween everyone!  I hope that you are having a great time with your loved ones, where ever you may be! 

Today, I'm showing you my collection of Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon blushes.  I bought these four from the Kmart buy one get one free deals this last summer.  But they are still very affordable blushes at just $2.99 each.  These blushes are also part of the permanent collection, so you should be able to find them at any drugstore that carries Wet 'n Wild products.
WnW ColorIcon blushes in Pearlescent Pink & Heather Silk
 WnW ColorIcon blushes in Mellow Wine & Berry Shimmer
These come in a well packaged case, secured with stickers on the bottom and the side.  I've always appreciated that.  The clear top and clearly displayed color are nice for when I need to find a particular color fast.  I also like how there is a nice amount of product- .14 oz.
 WnW ColorIcon blush in Pearlescent Pink:
 WnW ColorIcon blush in Heather Silk:
 WnW ColorIcon blush in Mellow Wine
 WnW ColorIcon blush in Berry Shimmer:
 Brush included:
There is a nice range also, from matte finishes to shimmery finishes.  Pearlescent Pink  & Berry Shimmer both have shimmer whereas Heather Silk and Mellow Wine are matte.  The blush that is included is nice, but I prefer an actual blush brush to blend these colors out.  Because the blushes are so soft, it will create a bit of fall out, so be sure to tap, tap, tap those brushes out before you apply to your skin.

Overall though, these blushes are very soft and so pigmented.  I swatched them over my hand for you all to see the range of colors that are available.
 Swatches from left to right:  Pearlescent Pink, Heather Silk, Mellow Wine & Berry Shimmer
These blushes are so affordable and come in a nice range of colors and finishes-something not all drugstore blushes take into account.  I would recommend these drugstore blushes first before all others because of the quality and price.  Would you agree?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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