Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Rimmel London-Kate Moss Matte Lipsticks in #104 and #107

Hello dolls.  Here are two new lipsticks that I picked up from the drugstore.  These are new lipsticks from Rimmel's Kate Moss line, but these are supposedly matte lipsticks.  More on that later...
The packaging is definitely different from the regular Kate Moss line.  These are red tubes, with a black Kate Moss signature on it instead.  I already liked the black tubes, but the red tubes are a nice switch up.  Very classy. 

I also noticed that these lipsticks are scented differently than their counterparts.  They are more fruity rather than floral.  Yay!  Thank you Rimmel.  I can appreciate that because I wasn't really a fan of the scent before, and I know that many of you aren't either.
I picked up numbers #104 and #107 because I really like mauve-y lip colors and #107 because I have been really into the dark, vampy lips this season.  I picked them up from Walgreens for about $6 each. 
As you can see, they apply rather nicely, but not really in a true matte finishI was kind of disappointed when I swatched them because they are advertised as matte lipsticks. 
Would I repurchase?  Not these particular colors, but maybe I would try some other colors from the line, just because I am a lipstick junkie fanatic.  

What do you think?  Have you tried anything from this line yet?



  1. can i ask u something. I think this and http://theoneglassslipper.blogspot.com/2012/01/rimmel-london-kate-moss-lipstick-08.html
    is similar abt the color :D do u think so?

    1. Good question-I can swatch them both and let you know!

    2. I have colors 08 and 104. Color 08 is a lot browner than 104.

  2. i literally JUST purchased the 104 yesterday, in hopes (Dare i admit it..) of achieving the Kylie Jenner affect... however, i was surprised to find it to be far more classically brownish-matte-90s than i had expected. on others, such as your swatches above, it seems to have more of a purely mauvey affect?? not sure why it looks so different on me..