Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Blog Award

Sue at Life Behind the Lens tagged me with this awesome Butterfly Award.  Thanks so much Sue!

So here are the 15 random things about me.  Let me just say that this list was extremely hard to come up with because honestly, I am not all that interesting. lol.

1.  I am addicted to the Food Network on tv.  I flip to it all of the time and mindlessly watch it, even though I don't cook anything that I learn from it. lol. It's just relaxing to watch someone else cook.

2.  I just started blogging this year.  I love writing and I love makeup so combining the two was a no brainer.  I just wish I had started sooner!

3.  I am a mother to one.  He is my world.  "E" is 7 years old and so smart.  Too smart.  He makes my heart smile.

4.  I was a super savvy scrapbooker back in my day, but that hobby is something that has been on the back burner lately.  I hope to get back into it because I still have tons of supplies laying around, waiting to get used.  I just hate going to the store and printing photos. lol.

5.  I am currently attending school and graduating *cross fingers* in Spring of next year with my Elementary Ed degree.  Yes, that's right, I want to be a teacher.  

6.  I am totally in a happy place right now.  I live in a great apartment with the two people that make me the happiest.  I have a dependable car.  I have my education.  I have everything that I need and I could not ask for more.  (But if you're listening God- graduating & finding an awesome job afterwords would be the perfect topping on the cake!)

7.  I tried my hand at gardening this year but needless to say, I failed miserably.  My plants sprouted but they are looking very yellow and neglected.  I blame all of the rain and the extreme temperature fluctuations we got this Spring.  lol.

8.  I love coffee, cupcakes, chocolate and cherries.  And I make a mean bowl of Ramen noodles. Just ask E. 

9.  I was thisclose to getting a tattoo when I was 18 but changed my mind at the last minute.  Because getting my belly button pierced was enough pain for one night.  I still don't have a tattoo.  I'm chicken.

10.  I turn 27 this weekend (July 10!)  and I had to do the math to remember how old I was. 

11.  I have never bought a lotto ticket.  Ever.  (wait-crosswords don't count do they?) 

12.  I love to sing in the car.  With or without other people in the car.   At the top of my lungs.

13.  I have been reading Cosmo magazine since I was 15 and currently subscribe to at least 4 different fashion magazines.

14.  I am a shoe fanatic.  End of story.

15.  If you ever meet me in real life, please be sure to say Hi because I am extremely shy and would probably never have the courage to come up to you and say HI. :D

And I tag YOU!  Link me back if you do this tag so I can be nosey and read up on you. ^_^

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