Sunday, July 3, 2011

Naked Look

So here is a look a did with my Urban Decay Naked Palette, as promised.  I used Smog, Dark Horse, Virgin and Half-Baked for this look.  I wanted a smokey bronze/gold look that was wearable for daytime. 
I must say that I absolutely love this palette.  I have been wearing it everyday since I have gotten it.  The only gripe I have about it-is the amount of glitter fallout from some of the colors.  I end up with glitter all over cheeks, which can be annoying.  I have been doing my foundation and concealer after my eye makeup to get remedy that problem.
The lashes I am wearing are the ones from Dots that I got two months ago.  I absolutely LOVE these lashes and have been taking great care to not destroy them. lol.  These are perfect and wispy and look the most natural on me.  Must.get.more. :D

And because I'm about to walk out the door to go to the park for a day of grilling and fishing, I threw my hair up into a high bun and hairsprayed down any baby hairs.  With a fine tooth comb, I slicked back the baby hairs and pinned my bun into place with several bobby pins. 
Forgive the huge forehead. lol.
This has been my go-to hairstyle for the past couple of weeks just because it has been so hot.  It keeps all my bangs off of my face and I don't have sweaty sticky hair stuck to me.  And I'm not naked. I'm wearing a tube top dress so that I don't get any funny tan lines while I'm at the park today.  Don't worry, I'm spf'd up baby. :)
Ciao bellas,

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