Saturday, March 31, 2012

OPI- Big Hair...Big Nails

Hello dolls.  Here is what I am currently wearing on my nails:
This is OPI's Big Hair...Big Nails from the Texas collection that was released in Spring of 2011.  This polish is translucent so a couple of coats is a must.  OPI describes this particular polish as a "sorbet" aka jellies in the polish world.  Very squish-a-licious indeed.  

I realized that I hadn't done a jelly sandwich in quite a while so I pulled out this gold glitter polish and layered it in between Big Hair...Big Nails.  The gold glitter polish is not B3 free which means it stinks soo bad, but I don't have any other glitters (yet) that have large hexagons so I pulled this out.
I did one coat of Big Hair...Big Nails, one coat of unnamed gold glitter, two coats of Big Hair...Big Nails and one coat of Seche Vite on top. 
I was going to keep layering but the idea of taking of layers of glitter just got to me.  I have been swatching every day now in an effort to get through my untrieds and my cuticles are crying.  :(

Anywhos, this sorbet finish really is something huh?  I love jellies and only own a couple of them so far.  Anything you would recommend for me?


Friday, March 30, 2012

Maybelline- Fuchsia Fresia

Hello there dolls.  So remember my Maybelline spring post here?  Well, Fuchsia Fever is not part of that new collection.  Fuchsia Fresia is the color that was released with the collection.  Somehow, someone had put Fuchsia Fever in the same display and in my haste, I had not noticed the difference!
(By the way-Fuchsia Fever is part of the core collection.)
Maybelline Fuchsia Fresia
I was at a different Walgreens today and I found the same display but with this lipstick instead.  I could have sworn that I had Fuchsia Fever and not Fuchsia Fresia, so I put it in my cart and brought it home with me for comparisons.
Here is Fuchsia Fever (bottom) and Fuchsia Fresia (top) side by side for comparisons:
 Fuchsia Fever (bottom swatch) & Fuchsia Fresia (top swatch):
 Swatch:  Fuchsia Fresia on lips
As you can see, Fuchsia Fresia is definitely sheerer on the lips.  Fuchsia Fever is more blue-toned and more pigmented.  

Which do I prefer?  Em- well, I love Fuchsia Fever actually.  Fuchsia Fresia is a nice lippie that is work safe but it doesn't have quite the same zing that Fuchsia Fever has for me.  What do you think?


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mani of the Moment

Hey dolls.  Here is what I am currently rockin' on my nails:
This is kind of a mixed-up, mashed-up look that I played around with.  I used a combination of nail stickers and rhinestones for the most part.  The flakie is Essie-Shine of the Times and the black polish is Wet 'n Wild black creme. 
I wore this only for the weekend as I thought it might be a little bit too much for school.  :)  It feels nice to do something else than just painting my nails again.

What are you currently rockin' on your nails?  

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Born Pretty Haul

Hello everyone!  I ordered from Born Pretty, an online store this month.  Here is what I got:
 Born Pretty Haul
White ball studs:
 3 mini stamping polishes in white, red and black:
 Stamping and Scraper set:
 Nail Art Stickers:
 Nail Stamping Plates:
3D Ribbon Nail Art:
I tried some of the stamping plates, but still no luck.  I am still learning, experimenting and trying!  I only spent around $24 for everything, which is pretty reasonable.  

The only downside that I could see to ordering from Born Pretty is that they only accept PayPal as payment.  I just thought it was a hassle because I got everything in my shopping cart and then couldn't check out because I had to transfer funds into my PayPal account.  They do keep all of the items that you select in your shopping cart until you check out-so that was nice.

All of my items came in a bubble envelope and the mini polishes were securely wrapped in styrofoam and tape.  Shipping was rather long, a week for my things to come.  But overall, I am rather happy with my items (aside from my painful learning curve with stamping) and I will order from them again.

Have you ever ordered from Born Pretty?


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March-Dollar Tree Finds

Hey loves.  Here is what I found at my local Dollar Tree this month:

NYC Polish Duo
 White Lights Glitter, Scene Stealer Grey
Um, okay. I know I am on a self ban, but this was all for my monthly post - so it doesn't really count. :)
 Aquafina Flavor Splash Hydrating Lip Balm
This has a slight cooling effect from the menthol-which was surprising because I wasn't expecting that at all.  The raspberry scent is also very plastic-ky and not very pleasant to the nose.  This does not last very long my lips unfortunately.  

NYC Eyeshadow Wand in Magic Spell
 Swatched under Ottlite:
 Swatched in natural light:
This was a nice find.  There were two other colors available, but I only choose the brown one (of course).  I like how pigmented and soft this creme shadow, but with a vigorous rub test, it came off quite easily.  I am a little leery about staying power, but I will try it with some primer and get back to you on how it fares.

What did you find at your Dollar Tree this month?


Monday, March 26, 2012

Urban Decay 20% off Haul

Hey there everyone.  Here is what I got for myself from the recent Urban Decay friends and family sale.
First up, I picked up another Primer Potion, this one in Greed.  This Primer Potion is in the vintage aka genie-style bottle, so they were on sale for $9 each.  The new ones are now all in tubes for easier use.  See how to depot your genie-style bottle here
I'm almost out of my Boots #07 Mattifier, so this UD De-slick in a Tube seemed like a good (and logical) buy. 
Then I picked up a cream eye liner, also on sale for $7.  This one is in Empire, a deep purple.
Look at this packaging!  Soo cool!  I love the peacock etched on it.  Can you imagine whipping this baby out from your purse and the oohs and ahhs you will get?  :)
So cool.  Anyways, the top opens up to reveal the liner and a dual ended brush as well as a mirror on the top.
Here is a closer look at the brush that is included with the liner:
As you can see, one end is an angled liner brush and the other is a smudger.  What the box claims: 
Then I also got the lash primer potion.
This primer potion as the individual fibers in the formula, which are designed to help lengthen and fatten up lashes.  You can see them a little more clearly in my picture below:
 What the box claims:
And, as always, Urban Decay always includes samples with your purchases.   I got a sample of the original primer potion, which I threw into my travel bag right away. 
I will have more thorough reviews on these once I get to play with them a tad more, so look for them soon in upcoming posts.  

Did you pick up anything from the friends and family sale?