Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wet 'n Wild Tinted Moisturizers

I picked these Wet 'n Wild Ultimate Sheer tinted moisturizers up from my Kmart haul last month when they were buy one get one free.  I still can't believe that I got so many products for free that day-still giddy when I think about it!  
I got #184 and #183 because I wasn't sure which shade I would be, so I figured I could mix them together if I needed to.  These retailed at Kmart for $3.99 each.

Here are swatches - #183, Sun Kissed, is on the left and #184, Buff, is on the right.  They look like regular foundation right?  But I think that they feel a lot lighter and the consistency is different. 
Here I blended out the colors on the back of my hand.  Sun Kissed, #183 is the darker one of the two whereas Buff blends out a lot nicer on me, but maybe a tad too white still.

I tried Buff first on my face because it blended out better for me.  I started to apply this with a sponge but I felt it soaked up all of the product, so I ditched that and used my fingers to blend instead.  I did use a little bit of concealer to cover up my acne scars and under my eyes before I used this product.  I was actually pleased with the coverage on this.  I honestly wasn't expecting a whole lot when I picked up these, but I was pleasantly surprised.  
The only thing that I dislike the packaging.  It just looks so...plain.  It's just a sticker with the label. But the squeeze tube is great.  It's perfect for dispensing the amount that you want. You do get a lot of product- 1 fl oz to be exact with this packaging though.  These also have SPF 15 in them.  I wore this out on a fishing trip with the hub because of that. lol.
Tinted love,

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