Tuesday, May 17, 2011

CoverGirl Lip Perfection

CoverGirl Cosmetics were on sale this week at Walgreens B1G1 half off, so I took some of my coupons and stacked them with the sale.  I got two more lipsticks and two eye shadow singles.
 CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipsticks:  Delish on left and Rush on right
 Left to Right:  Delish and Rush
 Swatches:  Left - Delish and Right- Rush
The CoverGirl Lip Perfection line is something that I have just recently tried.  I like how smoothly they glide on and the pigmentation is great, but like most drug store lipsticks they are not long wearing enough for me.  They do have a slight subtle scent, it reminds me of vanilla.  I have picked up and looked at Delish several times and put it back so many times but I keep gravitating towards this color.  It is a beautiful nude, peachy, pink color in the tube.  A perfect nude for me.
 CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Delish
The next color I picked up was Rush.  This is a soft creamy rose, almost mauve color.  I applied this with a light hand on my lips for this picture, but it is definitely buildable.
CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick in Rush
I then had the dilemma of picking out two more lipsticks or something else from the CoverGirl line.  To get more bang for my buck, I settled on two eye shadow singles.  I picked up the colors Tapestry Taupe and Platina.
These were around $3.50 each, but I got the B1G1 half-off deal and I had two coupons for $1 off any one CoverGirl product.  

Tapestry Taupe is a shimmery taupe color, just like the name says.  Compared to Mink (also a CoverGirl eye shadow single), Mink has more rose gold to it.  I took pictures and swatches with my Mink backup shadow to compare.
  Cover Girl Eye Enhancers Shadow Single in Tapestry Taupe
 CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Shadow Single in Mink
 CoverGirl Swatches:  Mink on left and Tapestry Taupe on right
Platina is a soft gray shimmery shadow.  I picked this color up for a look that I wanted to do in another contest.  
  CoverGirl Eye Enhancers Shadow Single in Platina
This line definitely has some hits and misses depending on what shadows you get.  I really like Mink from this line, but not really sure how I feel about Tapestry Taupe yet.  I have been wearing Mink ever since high school and I reach for it almost on a daily basis.  
Here are swatches of the new colors I got:
I think that Tapestry Taupe could be more pigmented and Platina was a bit chalky at first, but on my fingers they blend to a beatiful shimmer.  I haven't tried these on my eyes yet, but when I do, I will update this post with those pictures.

With Delish Lips,

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  1. I love this post! I just did a review & swatches blog post on these lipsticks in some great colours for spring!! Would love if you beautiful ladies would give it a look! Would love some colour suggestions as well XO http://beautyjunkiezz.wordpress.com/2014/04/13/springsummer-lip-colours-covergirl-lip-perfection-lipstick-swatches-review/