Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Avon Haul

So I am so excited because I finally got my Avon products that I ordered last month. I picked up three lipsticks, two liners, two glosses and a chapstick all for $25.

These are the lipsticks I picked up from Avon.  These are from the Ultra Color Rich line and were $3.99 each.  From left to right: Sheer Raspberry Ice, Country Rose, Poppy Love.  Sheer Raspberry Ice is a nude lip color, Country Rose looks is a bright shimmery pink and Poppy love is a coral red.  I tried Sheer Raspberry Ice today and I really like it because it is totally wearable for work and school.

Swatches:  Sheer Rasp. Ice, Country Rose, Poppy Love
Sheer Raspberry Ice in Natural light (above), and Florescent light (below)

Country Rose in florescent light with flash (top) and no flash (bottom)

 Poppy Love in florescent light flash (above) and no flash (below)
 I also picked up two of the lip glosses from the Smooth Mineral line.  These were buy one get one free, so I bought one for $4.99 and got one for $2.49.  I got Crystal Coral, top and Pink Quartz, bottom:
Swatches: Pink Quartz, Crystal Coral 
These glosses are not flavored and they are not scented, which I really don't mind.  I threw Pink Quartz into my purse for everyday wear and kept Crystal Coral in my makeup case to layer over lipsticks. 

Then I picked up a new brow liner and an eye liner, both in dark brown.  These were $1.99 each.
 Swatch: Brow liner on left, eye liner on right
(Sorry for the different lighting in these photos!- I was trying to find the best lighting to showcase the swatches)  So one thing I noticed was that the brow liner did not come with a brush on the cap, which was a bit disappointing.  I also swatched it and it was a bit lighter than I thought it would be.  The eye liner is really creamy and dark which I really like because that means it will be easier to apply and smudge. 

I used the brow liner this morning and I rather liked it.  Although I thought it looked too light, it provided just the right amount of darkness to my brows.  I don't like for them to look too drawn in, so I blended the color out with my Sephora brow liner brush.  I think this might be the replacement to my Prestige brow liner once that runs out.

I also picked up the Avon Moisture Renew chapstick with SPF for .99 cents, but I threw it in my makeup case already so I didn't take a picture of it.  So far, I'm loving everything that I got! 

Loving Avon,

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