Thursday, May 5, 2011

Elf Lip Stain Review

While I was at the Dollar Tree, I noticed that they had some Elf cosmetics stocked.  I picked out a couple of items to try.  The first item I picked out was this Lip Stain in First Date. 
Swatched Lip Stain in First Date in florescent lightin with no flash
The stain is a bright neon Barbie pink with a little shimmer in it and comes with a clear gloss to top off the stain.  Upon application, the formula felt rather grainy on my lips.  The doe foot applicator also had a sharp seam to it, so I had to be careful with application.  The formula dried very quickly but it still felt very sticky when I smacked my lips together.  The pigments also pool at the outer corners of my lips and inside my lips.  I also lick my lips a lot throughout the day, so I'm not sure how long this stain would actually last me.  This formula also tastes really bad and is very chalky.  Gross. 
   On lips:  First Date lip stain w/flash in florescent lighting
I didn't bother with the clear gloss on top because I just wanted to show the pigmentation on the lip stain.  I expected a lot of the color to transfer to the applicator anyways, so I just left it.  On my lips, it also turned into a bright melon/coral instead of the insatiable pink in the tube.  Because this is a lip stain, rubbing it off my lips with tissue did not do the job.  I used an Elf makeup remover wipe to take this off- but I will do a review on that product later.  

Over all, I would not repurchase this lip stain because I think the formula could use more work. I also like to wear formulas that are more moisturizing because I always have chapped lips, so I don't like lip stains in the first place because they are so drying.  Judging from this experience and this lip stain from Elf, I don't think that I would buy any other lip stains from this brand.

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