Monday, July 18, 2011

BB Creams

I finally got around to purchasing some BB creams from Ebay.  These are the three that I selected.  They all came while I was on vacation, so my mailbox was stuffed full of these packages.  I spent around $40 for all of the creams (plus shipping).  
First is this Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream.  This was the one that I wanted to try the most.  I got the one with SPF 42 and in the shade Natural Beige, No. 23.
I also ordered this BB Cream from Shills.  I love the pretty packaging, but upon swatching this, I noticed it was much too light for me.  I will probably have to mix this with another product to get a shade that will work for me.  Also, this one has no SPF.
Lastly, I picked out a Colour 4 BB cream.  This packaging is also very cute.  The tube comes with a pump and a clear cap for convenience. 
Here are all three of the tubes side by side.  The Missha one is the smallest one as far as how much product you get.
 Here are swatches and color comparisons for you all.  From left to right is the Shills BB cream, Missha BB cream and Color4 BB cream.  I didn't swatch the sample that came with one of my orders.  Maybe in the future.  I didn't want to waste it or have it dry up.
I think that Color4 and Shills are too much on the lighter side, but I didn't give time for these swatches to oxidize as well so I don't know how they will react on my face.

Have you tried these BB creams?  What are your favorite brands?

Wishing you radiant skin, 


  1. do you know of any BB creams that are tanner? I'm not as white as some Asian girls so BB creams that I've tried in the past make me look weird!

  2. Sue, I'm pretty new to BB creams as well. Just from my experience with purchasing on Ebay, only some are labeled w/shades. Missha was one of them.