Saturday, July 9, 2011

Blue Glitter Gradient Nail Tutorial

Here is another glitter gradient look I created but this time with blue:
I don't like this color combo as much as the pink and purple look I did just because the blue I used was a little too dark.  

Here is a tutorial of what I did to create this look:
1.  Start off with a base coat and let dry.
2.  Add one coat of NYC French Manicure in #146, Love Letters
3.  Using a blue nail polish, apply to the tips of the nail with liberal color.
4.  Take a clear nail polish (preferably one that you don't want anymore or is about empty) and blend the blue into the rest of the nail towards the cuticle.  Work fast before the blue dries.
 Repeat on all the nails.
 5.  Clean up nails if necessary with acetone and brush.
 6.  Let dry
7.  This is what your nails should look like, darker towards the tips and lighter towards the cuticle.
 8.  Take Sinful Colors in Nail Junkie and apply over the blue.  Work the color slightly past the blue you just laid down.  One coat of Nail Junkie is all you need.
 9.  Let dry.
10.  Take a finer glitter nail polish and layer that on just on the tips.  I used Pure Ice nail polish in Strapless for this step.

 11.  Let dry.
12.  Apply one more coat of Nail Junkie over the top  & let dry.
13. Apply topcoat & let dry.  I used one coat of Seche Vite.
All that glitters,

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