Friday, May 31, 2013

May-Currently Obsessed With...

Hi dolls.  Welcome to this month's edition of Currently Obsessed With...

Here is what I have been favoriting this month:

OPI Nail Envy
So, I know that was going on and on and on about the Orly one earlier this year, but that was because I had never tried OPI's Nail Envy.  Seriously, this stuff rocks my socks.  

I bought it at Ulta, and it was twice the amount of just one regular OPI polish but so totally worth it.  I noticed that when I wear two coats of this as my base coat, my mani lasts and lasts!  No other base coat primer ever did that for me, ever.  I noticed that I don't have any chipping on day two of wear and it just does wonders at locking down any color that I put down on top of it.  This has changed my nails, and how often I do my nails.  

I always do two coats-and I have been using it all throughout this month, but see how it looks like I've barely dipped into it all?  I love it.  This stuff also dries super quick for impatient people like moi.  Can't say enough about it-ladies-you need this in your life.

It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Conditioner
I got this sample size from an Ulta purchase a while ago, and never really paid much attention to it until earlier this month when I was going through my samples drawer.  

This stuff is so awesome.  I thought that it would come out like a spray, but it's actually the consistency of watered down hair conditioner.  It doesn't have a heavy, noticeable scent to me, and it leaves my hair shiny and soft.   What I do is concentrate this on the ends of my towel dried hair, even though the directions say to use all over.  

After I spray it through my ends, I just use a brush and work it all through the rest of my wet hair that way.  I never blow dry my hair and just go to sleep with it wet.  The next morning, I notice that my hair doesn't have as many tangles and knots and it's super soft.  Of course, then I begin the assault on my hair with heat tools. lol.  

I peeked at Target to see how much a regular bottle of this would cost me, and I almost fell over.  The 4 oz bottle is around $20, and the even bigger bottle was around $35!  Geez.  I'm glad that I got to try this for free.  I might consider purchasing the 4 oz bottle, but we'll see.

Maybelline Vivid Lipstick in Vivid Rose
I think that I might have already mentioned this lipstick in a previous Obsessed post, but I just can't help it.  I love this color.  You can see from this new photo of it how well loved it is.  It's a little beat up because it was in my purse, a little melted from the heat, and swiped so many times on my lips.  Can't get enough of this luscious color!

Avon Smooth Minerals Lipstick in Gilded Rose
Oh man.  This is my all time favorite lipstick of the year.  This lipstick has been living mostly in my purse because I love it that much.  It's a great nudey-pink, but it's not too pink, and it goes with everything!   It's so moisturizing, and it's a color that I think is really wearable and daytime appropriate.  I had to mention it because it might be showing up in a Running on Empty post soon.  

Banana Boat Summer Color Self Tanner
Okay, so this is the drugstore self tanner that I had been really wanting to try out, even before I had picked up the L'Oreal ones...but I just couldn't find it anywhere.  Then, when I was at Target earlier this month, they were on the shelves.  I believe it was around $7 for this tube. 

I like this self tanner MUCH better than the L'Oreal one.  I noticed that the L'Oreal one fades really blotchy and uneven.  Banana Boat's is a much more a true lotion and it doesn't have the obnoxious smell that the L'Oreal one does.  It still has a scent, but it's not quite as bad.  I am planning on a full review, so more on this product later.

I know Pandora has been around for like, forever...but I'm seriously all about it this month.  I mentioned that I have been working out and exercising a lot more, and Pandora has been my best friend.  I like to also listen to it when I do my makeup in the mornings and when I take a shower.  I listened to it so much on my IPhone that I got an email message telling me that I only had so-and-so many minutes left for this month until I had to upgrade.  :(  So, then I downloaded the Pandora app on my Kindle so that I could still listen to it in the mornings when I do my makeup.  :)

That's what I have been obsessed with this month!  These are things that I have been constantly reaching for and using.  I'm also still using the Lorac Pro palette pretty much everyday, but you guys already knew that I have been in love with that since Day One. 

What have you been loving this month?  Let me know down below!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sinful Colors-Poudre

Hi dolls.  This is from Sinful Colors in Poudre.  You may be wondering as I was, what in the world Poudre is.  I Googled it of course.  This polish is from the Bare Necessities collection.
Poudre is apparently a name of a river and a perfume.  Other than that, I have not the faintest idea of why this polish is called Poudre.  

The Bare Necessities collection is quite pretty though.  Lots of pastels and cremes.  Lovely.  I did refrain myself though and just picked up this color.  
This polish was a tad thick for me, so I tipped in some polish thinner and shook it up some more before applying a second coat.  The blue glitter is a random glitter polish that I had in my stash.  Everything is topped off with Seche Vite.
This polish looks great with a tan, and is going to be the next color as my pedi!  


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sally Hansen-Mint Sorbet

Hi dolls.  Today I am showing you Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet, from the Xtreme Wear line.  

This is a gorgeous minty green, that is quite lovely for Spring.  I have had this in my collection for quite a while, and you should add it to yours if you don't have it already.  It's quite affordable at under $3 at most drugstores.  

The ring finger has one coat of Celeb City, a silver foil, also from Sally Hansen's Xtreme Wear line.  Topped off on that is Color Club's glitter, in Double Platinum.
I hope that you all had a great weekend.  I'm feeling very guilty as of lately-having neglected this blog for so many days.  :(  I do have quite a bit of empties for this month, and a couple of favorites, so those two posts are coming up.  

Check out my Pieces of Me post to see what I have been doing, or follow me on Instagram @theoneglassslipper and check out what I'm up to there.  


Pieces of Me

Pieces of Me:
 Michigan & Mackinac Island

Zoo Day with E.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Short Hiatus...

Hi dolls.  I haven't been devoting as much time as I want to this month to this blog.  It's because the school year is coming to a close (2 more weeks!) and I have a lot to get ready for and a lot of loose ends to tie up.  

It pains me to miss days when I don't blog...I've been pretty good so far.  I haven't even been buying much makeup-the last two things were just the Milani products that I posted about this week.  And I haven't bought any new polish in about a month too...I just have been foraging through my stash and using what I already have instead of focusing on acquiring more.  

I will try to blog when I can, but just know that it won't be as frequent as I usually am this month.  I'll miss you guys in the meantime... :)


Monday, May 13, 2013

What's In My Purse? Pt. II

Hey dolls.  Here is another What's in my purse? post... I did one last year, but with a different bag, and some of the contents have changed.  

Also, I just really needed to clean out my purse, so I decided to take some photos and get this post done for you guys at the same time.

The bag that I have been carrying around is from Target, from the brand Merona. I got it on clearance for under $10, I believe.  It is super roomy and carries all of the necessities.

I just literally dumped everything out onto my living room carpet.  Here is the beautiful mess...haha...I kid.  :)
It doesn't look that bad, right?  Here, I organized it a little bit so that you can see everything a bit better.
Yup, that's everything that I carry with me...a few random paper clips included.  :)

First up, my wallets: 
I carry a regular wallet, and a wristlet.  I keep my important cards in my wallet, like my insurance cards, some store loyalty cards that I don't use as often, and there are some stamps in there too.  

In my wristlet, I keep my driver's license, my debit card, and my most used store loyalty cards, along with some loose change, and as you can see, whatever happens to fit it... 
I have a separate place for coupons and receipts, but those clearly didn't make it there... :/  I like to use a wristlet, because it's more convenient for me.  I don't have to lug my whole purse with me into the store, especially if I'm just running in to the grocery store to pick up some milk.  I already have what I need right in that wristlet, and it even fits my Iphone, so I have literally everything I need.

Ear buds and phone holder:
I mentioned that I have been kind of obsessed with working out and exercising...I LOVE to listen to Pandora when I'm working out and this cell phone holder is awesome.  It velcros onto my arm and has clear plastic covering which allows me to use my Iphone through it.  

I just keep my ear buds in the clear plastic sleeve so that it doesn't get tangled up in my bag.  I also have two ear buds, because one is E's.  He likes to listen to Youtube videos on my Kindle and these are perfect for him when we're on the go.

Yes, I have two sets.  The first one holds all of my store loyalty cards.  I just keep this on the bottom of my purse and don't hook it to my regular key chain.  Too cumbersome.

My regular keys are to the right-I keep it very minimal...just my car keys, my house keys, and mailbox key as well as my momma's house key. 

Coupon Holder:
This is where I keep my coupons and receipts that I want to hold onto.  I got this from the dollar store I believe.  You can find them pretty much everywhere.  I try to go through it once a month and clean out any coupons that I don't get to.

GNC Gold Card:
I was in the GNC store earlier this week, and the guy behind the counter signed me up for their store loyalty card so that it could save me a couple of bucks.  (I buy the Lean Shakes from GNC.)  I just threw it into my purse after I took the little card and snapped that into the key chain mentioned above.

Check Book and Coin Purse:
I have my Hello Kitty checks in my LV checkbook, and I keep spare change in the XOXO wristlet.  I try to clean the spare change out too once in a while, and give it to E so that he can roll them up.

Orbit Gum:
Nobody likes stinky breath.  :)

Sonia Kashuk Makeup Bag:
I just recently bought this from my last Target haul if you remember.  I don't really keep much makeup in it though.  Two chapsticks, one gloss and a kabuki brush.  I used to have a mirror in it too, but that has made it's way into my lipstick drawer instead.  

E's Sunglasses:
These are E's sunglasses that we got from our vacation last year.  He picked them out himself, and they are so cute.  They have little mustaches on the sides.  :)

Victoria's Secret Pink Travel Bag:
I already posted about this bag in my previous What's in my Purse post, so I won't dump everything out.  The contents are pretty much the same.  

SmartWater bottle:
I have been trying to drink more water, and so I keep a water bottle literally every where that I am.  I like this big bottle because it's actually two servings of water, so it's easy for me to keep track of how much water I drink.

I am seriously lost without my IPhone.  I am constantly on it and am addicted to Instagram.  Follow me if you aren't alreadyLove IT!  

And that's it from my purse!   As you can see, all that's left is a pen that I keep in the little side pocket.  There is also a deep side pocket in my purse that is perfect for storing my Kindle.
The bag just has a magnetic snap closure, and is lined in black cloth.

And here is what my purse looks like when I have everything put back!   
I can see everything that I need and everything has a place.  Neat and tidy, and there is room for everything!  I love this purse so much, and I have been carrying it ever since I got it from my last big Target haul.  

And that, ladies, is what I carry with me in my purse.  Like I said, just the essentials.  :)  What do you keep in yours?