Saturday, June 18, 2011

Glazed and Confused - Avon Glazewear

So I purchased more Avon lipsticks and lip glosses this month.  I know, I know...I need more lip products like I need another hole in my head.  :) 
Lipsticks:  Gilded Rose, Sheer Naturale, Sheer Light Peach
But seriously, these lipsticks are ah-maz-ing.  I ordered five of them total, but two of them are on back order so I will be getting them next month. These three are the ones that came in today and I love them all.  These are more on the sheer side and two are a slight frosty color.  Lately, I have been on a quest for a great neutral lipstick.  Have I found one that has hit HG status yet?  I'm working on it.  lol
Avon Lipsticks:  Sheer Light Peach, Gilded Rose, Sheer Naturale
Sheer Light Peach and Sheer Naturale are lipsticks are from the Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick line and Gilded Rose is from the Smooth Minerals line.  These lipsticks usually retail for around $7 each but I got one on sale for $5.99 and the other two for $2.99. There must have been some BOGO deal going on-but I really don't recall.  
 Swatches: Sheer Light Peach, Gilded Rose, Sheer Naturale
Then I found the full size Glazewear lip glosses and picked up three of those as well.  I'm so confused.  How did I end up with those teeny itty bitty ones that I reviewed here?  So glad that I found the full size ones.  Anyways, these glosses come with the standard doe foot applicator and are packed with shimmer!  Again, the Sparkle lines are a bit more grainy because of the glitter particles so if this is bothersome to you, I would recommend that you try the Dazzle ones instead. (Glazewear is the Avon line but it is broken down more into the subcategories of Dazzle or Sparkle.)  These are great to wear alone or layer on over lipsticks.  
Top to Bottom:  Pink Radiance, Nude Shimmer, Apple Cinnamon
Pictured here is Apple Cinnamon, a Sparkle lip gloss.  
Pink Radiance, a Dazzle lip gloss.
And Nude Shimmer, another Dazzle lip gloss.  
I wasn't too sure about Nude Shimmer when I saw it in real life.  I usually don't buy brown lipsticks or lip glosses, so this one made me a bit nervous.  Also, I'm not sure if these last two are discontinued because I did not see these colors in the newest Avon catalog.  The Glazewear lip glosses are on sale though in this issue for only $2.99 each, where they regularly sell for $6 each.  (Deal!)
 Swatches from left to right: Pink Radiance, Nude Shimmer, Apple Cinnamon
I am pouring over the new catalog as is, but my Avon rep also included a Mark one too so I am giddy as can be...(but I'm sure that my hub & wallet won't be as much.)

So far, I really like all of the Avon products that I have purchased and reviewed.  I haven't had a problem with any of the products and I like the friendly customer service.  Have you ordered from Avon?  What are your thoughts?

Sparkles & Gloss,

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