Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hard Candy- Hide & Glow Cheek!

This Hard Candy cheek tint duo was purchased by me at Walmart for $6.  Let me just say, that I hate buying cosmetics at my local Walmart.  Everything is always opened and swatched and used.  How annoying.  Anyways, I always make sure to buy things that are packaged and sealed if I do end up really liking something.  
So I picked #315, In Love because I thought it would work best with my skin tone, though there were two other color combos also available for purchase. 
Top Color
 Bottom Color
 And here are swatches on my arm:
Left is the top color and right is the bottom color
These initially felt waxy when I was trying to swatch them on my arm, but after a couple of swipes, the color melted onto my skin.  Of these two colors, I thought that I would like the top color the best.  The bottom color is sheerer and can be used as a highlight on the top of the cheekbone.

I was hoping that this would leave a just pinched, flushed look on my cheeks.  I was wrong.  Blended out onto my cheeks the color just disappeared.  It also felt very waxy and was hard to blend. So sad.:(

This is my first purchase from the Hard Candy line.  I mulled over the display for a while but there was so much glitter in everything.  I mean, I like glitter, but not all over my face.  (I much prefer it on my nails-haha)  I was standing there debating between their baked blush or this blush duo.  I choose this cream blush because I wanted something that I can wear to the pool this summer that is light and not too out there, but I will probably go back for the baked blush sooner or later.  


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