Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Here is my current mani, a silver glitter look.  It took a while to dry  but it was worth it.  I love how pretty this looks.
Sorry no tutorial today as I did this look late at night and had no good lighting, but here is a list all of the products in order that I used to create this look.

1. Sally Hansen Advanced Hard as Nails Nylon & Retinol Strengthener (base)

2. One coat of H&M nail polish in Sea Pearl applied all over nail.
*Dupe: NYC Love Letters or a sheer pink polish will work
3.  Two coats of NYC nail polish in String of Pearls, a very sheer white color, applied just on tips of nails.

4.  One coat of Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Hallucination,
applied just on tips, over String of Pearls. 

5.  Three coats of Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine nail polish in Kaleidoscope, just on tips & bring the last coat up gradually over nail bed towards cuticles.
6.  One coat of Seche Vite fast dry topcoat all over nails
 Left to Right:  Seche Vite, Hallucination, Kaleidoscope, String of Pearls, Sea Pearl
You do have to have patience and really let these layers dry before applying the other one on top otherwise you will just end up with layers of nail polish that will smudge and not dry properly, causing shrinkage.  To make your mani last longer, apply two coats of topcoat once everything is dry the next day. 
Enjoy your sparkly nails,

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