Friday, August 5, 2011

Kmart WnW Makeup Haul *pic heavy*

Hello lovelies!  This month has been all about Wet 'n Wild so far!  Ready for some more?  :)

Today I wanted to share with you all what I got from Kmart.  I made a special trip just for the Kmart Wet 'n Wild sale this week, buy one-get one FREE!  Yes, Kmart has done it again!  All Wet 'n Wild products are on sale til Saturday so if you have a Kmart near you, go check it out!  I had to drive an extra 30 minutes out of town just to get to my nearest Kmart- but it was so worth it.

I wanted to see if Kmart had a display of the new LE DreamWeavers collection from WnW, but no such luck.  I am so glad that I found out about this sale though, because I wanted to get my hands on more of the eye shadow trios from the permanent line.  See what I got from Wet 'n Wild last time Kmart had this crazy sale here.  Anyways, here are the new trios that I added to my collection.  I think now I am only missing a three or four-correct me if I'm wrong.
ColorIcon trios:  I Got Good Jeans & Cool as a Cucumber
 I Got Good Jeans
 Cool as a Cucumber
ColorIcon trios:  Spoiled Brat & On Cloud Nine
 Spoiled Brat
 On Cloud Nine
I also got two of the 6 pan palettes that I don't own yet--Pride and Lust.  These palettes come with three matte colors and three shimmer colors.  Perfection in a palette.  I had seen TinaMarieOnline do a fabulous tutorial from Lust so I knew I had to get it.  See her tutorial here.  But I was sad when I got home because I noticed that one of my shadows had cracked during the ride back.  :(
I also got two more blushes to add to my collection.  Here are Mellow Wine and Heather Silk.
WnW blush:  Mellow Wine
WnW blush: Heather Silk
I also stocked up on my favorite liquid liners, WnW MegaLiners in Dark Brown.
That is all that I got this time from WnW.  I didn't do swatches of all of the shadows and blushes today because I'm sure that you have seen them before.  I might include them in the future when I attempt to do a look with each of the shadows.  So please be sure to check back or follow me for daily updates.

While I was at Kmart I got another Milani baked blush, this one in Luminoso.  I love how pretty these look and the chic packaging.  I actually haven't even opened up the one that I got last time (in Dolce Pink) from my previous Kmart haul so I will do a review on both of these in a future blog post.  This blush comes with a hidden compartment that holds a blush brush and a mirror for on the go application.
 Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
Physicians Formula products were also 40% off at Kmart so I picked out this Pearl highlighter.  This was around $8 after the discount.  I think that the packaging on this is gorgeous, if a little bit bulky.  I love how the palette almost mimics an oyster and the pearl detailing all throughout.  Like the Milani blush, this also holds a separate compartment that holds a brush and a mirror.  I would use product this to highlight the tops of my cheekbones or use it over blush. A more in depth review will come at a later time.  :)
Physician's Formula Pearl Highlighter
I also picked up a new-old mascara.  I say new-old because I have used this mascara before and just haven't gone back to it in a long time.  This is the tried and true pink and green tube of Great Lash from Maybelline.  I also snagged some rip-off coupons from the display for $1 off any Maybelline New York mascara, so I used one to get this mascara, as my Lash Stiletto is on it's last leg.  
I've just forgotten how huge the brush is apparently.  Ever since Lash Stiletto I have decided that I like smaller brushes because I have sparse and little lashes.  Big ones like this always just end up poking me in the eye.  :/

Anyways, that concludes this makeup haul.  I only spent around $30 for everything here, and saved around $25 because of the buy one get one free deal.  I highly encourage you to check this sale out if you are a WnW fan.   Btw-have you seen the new DreamWeavers collection anywhere yet?  I'm lemming for those as well now.  :)

Haulin' love,

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