Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tease Me

Hello loves.  Today I am showing you my new Conair teasing brush.  This was bought at Target for around $6.  I bought this because I had seen a similar one while I was at Ulta, but it was ridiculously priced.  

Let me just say here that my hair does not respond well to teasing.  I can't blame it on my technique either because when I go get it done by someone else or at the salon, it doesn't work either.  My hair is just so thick and heavy that it just weighs down whatever height was achieved by teasing it.  So, much to my dismay, I had just kind of given up on the sex kitten, just rolled out of bed look.  *sigh* 

But then I had high hopes again when I saw this.  This brush is made with 100% boar bristles which hopefully will get down and dirty with my hair.  I like how there are three rows of bristles on the brush so that it kind of 'attacks' my hair at different levels.  lol. 
Hopefully, I will no longer watch Youtube videos with insane jealousy when I see girls tease their hair with such ease.  Thank you, Conair.

Big sexy hair,

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