Monday, August 8, 2011

Only THE Cutest T-Shirt EVER!

Hello & happy Monday to you all!  Thought I would make you smile by showing you the cutest t-shirt ever!  (Haha-I just noticed that Kandee Johnson just posted a similar post about her fav t-shirt today as well!  Great minds think alike!)

Ok, so I know that I'm a little bit too old to be wearing Hello Kitty t-shirts, but I couldn't resist.  I saw this t-shirt at Old Navy for around $17 and it just magically made it's way into my cart while I was back to school jean shopping for E.  By the way, did you all get in on the $10 jean sale this last weekend?  Chh-yeeaah.  My kid goes through jeans like he goes through hot dogs.  I get all of his jeans from Old Navy in the boy's skinny fit.  SO cute.  

Anyways, I justified my purchase with my Old Navy rip-out magazine ad from Lucky Mag for 30% off any regular priced item.  That was a mouthful.  Everything I bought E was on sale, and I couldn't use the 30% off on anything I got for him...soooooo Hello Kitty was mine.  (See how I justify these things?--good enough for me!)  
 Old Navy Hello Kitty T-shirt
Isn't she cute?  She's outlined in silver on a short sleeve black baby t-shirt.  I love it, but I would have loved it even more if it was an oversized, off the shoulder t-shirt that I could pair with black leggings, white tank and boots for the fall.  Point me in the right direction if you know where I can get one of those, mmh-k?   ;) 

Anyways, I'm off to my nearest Ulta to pick up the 15 year anniversary palette from Urban Decay.  It shall be mine!  Look back for reviews and swatches!

Hello Kitty Love,

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