Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sinful Colors-Bali Mist

Picked up this polish during the .99 cent sale at Wags.  This was the bottle that I was most excited about.  Just look at that luscious duochrome in the bottle!
It looks like an oil slick right?  I was so excited about finding this.  Unfortunately, that's where this love affair ends.  This did not translate on my nails at all.  Also- bubbling.  *sigh*
 Sinful Colors-Bali Mist
Where, oh, where did the purple go?  I was mystified.  This is three coats of Bali Mist on my nails by the way.  I was hoping with each coat, that the lovely oil splash colors would show up on my nails.  I was sorely disappointed.  Not to be outdone- I tried layering this over two coats of Sinful Colors Black on Black.
This was two coats over the black base.  This is what I had wanted it to look like in the first place.  hmmmph.   Four coats of polish later, I am only slightly satisfied. This polish requires too much work.  :/

Did you pick up this color too?  And are you as disappointed as I am in it?


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  1. I picked that one up too and was just looking for swatches to see if I did something wrong. I put 2 coats on LA Colors white polish. Very light pink, am disappointed. It does have some duochrome sheen however, so I'll keep it on for a few days. And yes, lots of bubbling.