Friday, August 12, 2011

To Market, To Market

Hello loves.  I think that there is nothing better to do on a luxurious Thursday afternoon than to go to the farmer's market on the town square.  It was bright and sunny and just perfect weather.  *happy sigh* 
 A picture of my purchases next to the square sign:
 The lovely bouquet of flowers I bought for only $5:
 E waiting to go home:
A lot of people were selling hand made jewelry and I fell in love with some of the charm bracelets that one lady made...but I made myself put the $25 bracelet back because I hardly ever wear bracelets anyways.  (Even though, with that bracelet, I could convince myself that I would.)   I have to practice self control.  lol.  
What did make it home with me was relatively cheaper than that beloved bracelet.

Here, a feather hair extension.  Have you given in to this trend yet?  I was contemplating it and when I saw this at a vendor's booth, I decided to give it a try.
I had to take these pictures with flash so that the detailing would show up.  The little black comb is not very secure in my own hair, so I might have to add a bobby pin to make sure it doesn't come undone.  I clipped it behind my ear so that it just kind of peeks through.  I kind of like it- but I am just worried that it will fall out.  This was purchased for $6.  

Next, I bought these hand-made Swarovski beaded earrings.  These were two for $6, but the lady selling them noticed that I was also Hmong, so she gave them to me for $5. 
I am giving the green pair to my mom.  I love how dainty they look.

Later that day, I took E and my nephew M back to the square to play in the splash pad there.  Kids were running through them with their clothes on, but I was prepared and had them come in their swimming trunks.  There was also a BMX bike show, where kids were doing crazy flips off of ramps.  E and M really enjoyed the awesome tricks these guys were doing.
And then my faithful summer sandals broke while I was there.  Very sad.  I had to walk barefoot back to the car.  lol.  These went into the trash when we got home.
I am trying to squeeze the most out of these last summer days before school starts.  E will be going into second grade this year, so I am a little bit sad that he is really all grown up.  :(

Broken sandals & hearts,

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