Monday, August 29, 2011

Urban Decay $1 Pigments & Swatches

I had ordered these pigments from Urban Decay when they had their massive sale online.  These 8 pigments were only $1 each.  I was thisclose to ordering all of them, but limited myself.  (Practicing self control here.) 
 Urban Decay Pigments
Now for individual pictures...
As you can see, these come with a little brush that is attached to the bottle.  It doesn't reach all the way to the bottom of the jar though, so that is kind of pointless. 

And swatches from left to right:  
Smog, Rockstar, Goddess, Asphyxia, Shag, Shattered, Graffiti, X
 With flash
 Without flash
 Rockstar and Goddess both have chunky glitter in them so that made it hard to swatch.  Rockstar is a mix of purple and black- I thought it would be a straight up purple from the tube.  These two will probably be the hardest to blend.  You would definitely want to use a tacky base when working with Goddess and Rockstar.  Of these eight, X is probably my favorite.

Taking a brush and dipping it into the narrow opening might be a little tricky as well.  Your best bet is to use a flat surface and dump out a little bit of pigment using the attached brush and then work from there.  The brush that comes with the bottle is crap, not really wide enough to pack on the pigment to your lid.  

Other than that, the top twists off and closes very securely.  The top of the bottle is wider than the base, so storing these upright is the best way.  I like that the bottom of the base is also clear so that you can see what color pigment is in the jar.
I don't really use pigments when I create looks,  just because of how messy they are.  It looks like these might take the cake when it comes to messiness.  Just taking the brush out of the jar creates little poofs of pigment all over the place. :/  

In all, I think that I got a great deal on these pigments.  For $1 each, I can't complain too much.  I might even use some to fraken.  I'm talking about you, Rockstar and Goddess.  The packaging is nice and sturdy and the color payoff is generally good, save for a select few.

Do you like working with pigments?  And did you get anything from the Urban Decay sale?


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