Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Kmart Haul! *pic heavy*

I stopped at Kmart last night after classes because it was pouring rain out and I didn't feel like driving home in it.  lol.  (A poor excuse to do a little cosmetic browsing.) And I apologize in advance for the different lighting in these photos-some where taken at night and some this morning!

Anyways, my jaw hit the floor when I came across the Wet 'n Wild display at Kmart because almost all of the products were buy one get one FREE!  I could have done a cartwheel down the aisle! Don't worry, I restrained myself and didn't grab everything in sight.  lol.  

I got two liquid liners in dark brown because I wear this color every day on my lids.  These were priced at $2.99 each.  I love the wear on these liquid liners.  I especially like the brush because it is flexible and doesn't irritate my eyelids. 
I also got eight of the .99 cent nail polishes, including a backup of Kaleidoscope that I mentioned here. I got two of the clear nail polishes though because I wanted to create more frakens.
I got four of the eye shadow trios because I haven't tried these yet.
I can't believe that these were buy one get one free! Here are the two blushes I picked up:
Revlon products were not on sale but I had a coupon for $2 off any Revlon tool so I picked out the nail buffer.  This retailed for $2.99 at Kmart, but I only paid .99 cents for it because of my coupon.  (yay!) 
The tips of my nails are also chipping and splitting so I bought this Sally Hansen acrylic wrap for my flimsy nails to protect them.  This was a little bit of a splurge for $5.49 but I had a coupon for $1 off.  I hope it does what it claims!

Physicians Formula products were all 40% off as well.  Yay!  I have only tried one product from Physician's Formula so far (bought on clearance) and I really liked it so I could not pass this one up.  I dislike how expensive their products are though, especially for just a drugstore brand.  Anyways, I got this product that I'm sure most of you have already seen.  This bronzer was $8.09 after the 40% off.  
No where here in town carries Milani products so I have never tried them.  Kmart carries a slim selection, so I picked out this pretty blush to try.  (btw-this Kmart is about 30 min outside of my hometown)
I also got this Elf cream liner for $3.  I have never tried cream liners before so this product will be reviewed at a later date.
Lastly, I dug through the clearance bin and found this Revlon lipstick for $4, originally priced at $8.59.  Eek!  Almost $9 for a drugstore lipstick?!  Crazy.  
Sorry this haul was kind of pic heavy.  I will review and swatch most of the products mentioned in this entry later on this month so watch for them!  

Buy one get one free hugs,


  1. Wow! So many goodies, that's a amazing haul. The Revlon buffer looks really intriguing. ^_^

  2. VD- Thanks for reading! Yes, I went a little crazy while I was there. I have not tried the Revlon buffer because it is going towards my prize package for the contest I'm holding, but I will prob end up picking up one for me anyways. Take care! -Cherrie