Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Walgreens- Sinful Colors & Revlon Super Sale

Did you check out the Wags sale this week with the sale on Revlon and Sinful Colors nail polishes?  Yes, that's right- Sinful Colors for only .99 cents a bottle and Revlon polishes with $3 back in Register Rewards! (NO limits!)

Here is what I got with a little bit of strategic redeeming of Register Rewards.
SC: Pinky Glitter
 SC: Gogo Girl
 SC:  Easy Going
 SC:  Timbleberry
 SC:  Hot Spot
 SC:  Savage
 SC: Hazard
 SC: Snow Me White
 SC: Call You Later
 SC:  Pull Over
 SC: Nirvana
 SC:  Bali Mist
 SC:  Rise and Shine
 SC:  All About You
Revlon- Gold Coin
 Revlon: Creme Brulee
You will have to do two separate transactions.  What you do is buy one Revlon nail polish for around $4.  You then get $3 back in Register Rewards, which prints out with your receipt.  Use this $3 Register Rewards towards your next purchase, which would be your Sinful Colors polishes.  You're only actually paying a little over a dollar (plus tax) for your Revlon polish!  (*Only colors from the Revlon permanent line are available for this deal-not any of the Top Speed polishes.)
Here I picked up six Sinful Colors polishes in this transaction and only paid $1.27 for all of them!  I used my $3 in Register Rewards and two of my $1 Register Rewards I had saved from buying my Herbal Essences shampoo last week.  So- to sum it all up- I paid under $3 for seven nail polishes!

Make sure you get in on this deal before it's over!  What are you waiting for?  

From my heart to yours,


  1. I was gonna go to walgreens today for the sinful colors but I think I am just going tomorrow.You got some great polish colors!!Great post

  2. Pink- Yes, I think that I am going back tmmrw too. lol. :)