Thursday, August 25, 2011

Revlon Top Speed Polish- Ocean

I can't believe that I have never noticed this shade before in the Top Speed collection.  It's gorgeous!  This is Ocean, a duochrome polish.  This polish flashes from aqua, to dark blue to green.  Gahh!  So pretty.  Most of the Top Speed polishes are creme finishes so this one really stood out in the display.  It reminded me of mermaids and fish scales.  
Most of you know that I have a love-hate relationship with Revlon polishes.   This one teeters somewhere right in the middle.  The formula was a nightmare to apply.  I found it very runny- even when I had wiped off most of the color off the top, color from the top of the handle would run down and want to join the party.  (This mostly happened when I had to put the brush back into the bottle while I waited for one coat to dry.)  If I wiped off too much of the color- it would drag across my nails and create an uneven mess- i.e. pointer finger.  I tried to layer on a coat of Seche Vite to counter the unevenness in application on my pointer finger, but alas, this could not be fixed.  
 On nails:  Revlon Top Speed polish in Ocean
 Revlon Top Speed polish in Ocean with camera flash
I also hate it when I see brush strokes on my nails, which is why I tend to stay away from frosty polishes.  You can see them if you put your face right up to my nails- trust me, it's there.  I hate that.  Also, bubbling.  *sigh*  Yes, those tiny little suckers started even before the polish was dry.  Thank goodness for Seche Vite.

 Revlon Top Speed polish in Ocean - no flash
 Anyways, pictured here is two coats.  I had to do three coats on my right hand though because of the bald spots.  

In all, a lovely color combination.  I adore it.  But formula has got to go.  Thus, my love-hate relationship with Revlon polishes continues.  By the way- Walgreens has Revlon products 40% off this week, which is why I picked up this polish in the first place.  

Oceans of love,


  1. Oh yeah I was gonna get a color cause of the sale in walgreens but I decide not too and I am happy I didn't! Great review!

  2. I had the same problems with this polish, and really all Revlon polishes for that matter. I'm currently wearing it on my toes only so that I don't notice the problems with it! :)

  3. Jen- yes, Revlon polishes are a hit & miss for me all of the time too. Glad I'm not the only one!