Friday, August 26, 2011

Urban Decay- My Goodies

I finally received my Urban Decay products that I ordered online today.  Yay!  ^_^ 
I had ordered a bunch of pigments for only $1 each.  I had thought that I would be getting a little pigment jar, but no- these are pretty hefty and store a good amount of product!  I have it pictured next to my mascara so you can compare the sizes. 
Urban Decay Pigments
Urban Decay pigment in Rockstar
No swatches yet, sorry.  Soon.  I have a lot that I want to say about these, so I will do a more in depth review on them in a separate post.

Also picked up one matte eye shadow.  I am not really a fan of matte shadows, but I thought that this one would be nice to add to my collection.  And it's purple.  My favorite color. :)
 UD matte shadow in Purple Haze
And I also got one tinted moisturizer for $6.  I picked out the shade Bullet Proof.
 Urban Decay Tinted Moisturizer in Bullet Proof
I swatched this and it looks like it might be a little too dark for me.  I am kicking myself now for not ordering another one in a different shade. *smacks forehead*

And I also received this sample with my order.  
That's my modest haul from the sale.  Did you get anything?


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