Thursday, August 11, 2011

Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette

I made a special trip to my nearest Ulta, which is two hours away, just to go and get this gorgeous palette.  I have been lusting after this baby ever since it came out and I am so glad that I got my hands on one.

This palette is about the size of a CD cover and about an inch and a half thick.  The square case sits on top of lovely, plush, royal purple, velvet packaging.  You will have to wiggle it out of the velvet box to get to the goods.  
The case itself is very sturdy and made out of metal.  The sides of the lid have scroll detailing all around.  The lid lifts off very easily from the actual case and does not snap or close shut, which makes it problematic to travel with unless you're very careful.  This is one palette you don't want to just throw in your purse.
On top of the lid is the Urban Decay logo in raised purple gem.  The lid also holds on to fingerprints, so if you're a stickler like me, you'll want to clean it after each use.  Inside the top of the lid you also get a full mirror which is very nice.  

Now to the goods.  There are fifteen, brand new, never before released, gorgeous shades that come with this limited edition palette (which is three more than the Naked palette btw).  Going from the top to the bottom, working left to right, here are the names of the colors and swatches.  These shadows are all swatched dry and with no primer underneath.
 Urban Decay LE Anniversary Palette
  • Midnight Rodeo
  • Taintled
  • Deeper
  • Midnight 15
  • Junkshow
  • M.I.A.

  • Vanilla
  • Omen
  • Ace
  • Flow
  • Evidence
  • Blackout
  • Chase
  • Deep End
  • Half Truth
Swatches- hehe, I look like a rainbow zebra :D
 Midnight Rodeo, Tainted, Deeper
 Midnight 15, Junkshow, M.I.A.
 Vanilla, Omen, Ace
 Flow, Evidence, Blackout
Chase, Deep End, Half Truth
The only color that I had trouble swatching was Blackout- a very matte black.  Midnight Rodeo has chunky glitter in it, so I would expect some fall out when using it.  Everything else was so pigmented and beautiful.  *sigh*  Is there such a thing as eye shadow heaven?  I think if there was, UD would most def have a cosmetic counter up there.  Just sayin'.  :)

So, final thoughts.  I love the colors that come with this palette.  Sick.  They are just sick.  Pigmented and crazy smooth.  The range of colors included on this kit is awesome.  Urban Decay really outdid themselves with this palette.  I am really look forward to doing different looks and playing with these colors.

Packaging is two sided for me.  I like that the packaging can be re-purposed and that it is made out of sturdy materials instead of cardboard.  BUT, with that said, I don't like that the lid doesn't snap shut or close securely.  If I were to travel with this palette, I would have to pack in a train case and it would have to go on the very bottom of my train case.  Storing this palette in with my make up stash is also challenging because I can't store it vertically.  If I do store it vertically, I risk it falling over or opening.  And since the shadows inside are very soft, I would have nicks and scratches in them. See case below. :(
To remedy this, I suggest keeping the velvet box that this palette sits in.  This will hold the palette in place and make it a little bit easier for storage.  

I love that I got in on this palette before they are gone- they are limited edition after all.  Did you pick this one up too or are you over the hype with the Naked palette?  As for me, I think I'm just starting a new love affair with UD.  *shhhh...don't tell the hub. ;)

Happy Anniversary UD,

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  1. This palette is on both my Ulta and Sephora wish lists. Along with the Naked palette. Now, who wants to go rob a bank with me? lol