Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big Lots MakeUp Haul *Pic Heavy*

This was going to go with my Kmart haul blog post but I thought that it might end up being too much so I did two separate entries.  IF you don't like reading about hauls-then feel free to skip over this one.  

Take this with a grain of salt, but I don't to haul entries to brag about what I got- I am sharing great deals that I find AND that I want to bring to your attention so that you can get in on it too.  After all-sharing is caring right? 

Anywhos, back to pictures of what I found while I was there.  The first thing I noticed was baskets upon baskets (ok-like 2) of these CoverGirl TruBlend whipped foundations.  I had a hard time deciphering which shades to get but I settled on these two, #440 and #450.
 CG Whipped Foundation:  #440 on left and #450 on right:
These remind me of the Maybelline Dream Mousse foundations that I loved so much.  Number #440 looks a little too yellow for me but I'm glad that I got two of these so that I can mix and match.  There is also quite a bit of product in these little jars too so I am glad that I only paid $2 for each of them.  What a steal!

There weren't a lot of Revlon polishes like the last time I was there but I found these packages selling for $2 each.  
 Revlon Mini Nail Polishes left to right:  Pink Ice, Winter Mist & Cherries in the Snow
These mini polishes are all creme finishes.   

I also bought the below package because the one on the left is a scented polish.  I have tried two scented polishes from Revlon this month and I ended up really liking them.  This one I saw at Kmart retailing for $4.99- but for $1?  Sure!  I wasn't too fond of the other color in the package just because it reminded me of something I already had at home.
 Revlon Nail Polish in Peach Smoothie and Bewitching Bordeaux
Revlon Scented Nail Polish in Peach Smoothie
 Revlon Nail Polish in Bewitching Bordeaux
Peach Smoothie has some gold shimmer running through it but my camera failed to capture it.  Bewitching Bordeaux is a dark vampy grape almost brown color.  A great color for fall and on short nails.

Big Lots also had three baskets full of these CoverGirl Boundless Color nail polishes for only .50 cents each.  I got four colors.
 CoverGirl nail polishes: Pink Twinkle and Crushed Shells
 CoverGirl nail polish in Pink Twinkle
 CoverGirl nail polish in Crushed Shells
 CoverGirl nail polishes in Disco Dazzle and Bronze Beauty
 CoverGirl nail polish in Disco Dazzle
CoverGirl nail polish in Bronze Beauty
I think that Pink Twinkle and Crushed Shells would be a nice base color for when I'm doing glitter gradients.   Disco Dazzle isn't too unique but still nice to have.  It has silver micro glitter and holographic hex glitter particles in it.  Bronze Beauty is a champagne gold bronze color- I might even have a dupe of it somewhere in my stash.  I will do swatches to compare at a future date.

Lastly, I found these CoverGirl Outlast lipstains that I have been curious about.  Afterall- CG claims these are the best selling lipstains in the U.S.  This package came with a clear Wet Slicks gloss and a lipstain for only $2.  Sadly, I couldn't find the name for the lipstain, but the packaging said Berry.  The second one I got was by itself and with no price tag so the gal gave it to me for $1.  I almost didn't get these but thought-what the heck? and tossed them into my basket.
 CG Outlast Lipstain in Berry #425 & WetSlicks clear gloss
 CG Outlast Lipstain in #405
 CG Outlast Lipstain in #425 & #405
 On lips:  CG Outlast Lipstain in #425
Ok- so normally I don't do lipstains because of my previous experiences with them.  You can't blame for not liking the feeling of wearing gluestick on my lips.  Can I just say that I think that these CG lipstains are AH-MAZ-BALLS.  Ohmygosh, if only I would have tried these sooner, I would not have been so turned off by lipstains!  

These go on amazingly well--it makes you feel silly almost, putting it on, because you feel like you're a kid coloring in your lips with a felt tip marker. lol. But the pigmentation is great.  It didn't make my lips feel dry and it didn't cake or bleed.  I like how precise the application was with the felt tip and how quickly it dried.  I can't comment on wear time yet because I've only swatched these on my lips and then taken them off with mu remover wipes right after.  I would hope that you don't have to reapply frequently. 

Anyways, I will be buying more of these! I especially love the deep red stain #425 gave my lips - what a great alternative to my red lipstick on the weekends out with the girls!  gaaaaah!  I can't believe that I was thisclose to passing them up.  I'm declaring new found love for these Outlast Lipstains.  I can't believe I have never tried them til now.  Geez.  Must.Get.More.

Haha.  Okay, enough of my ramblings about these lipstains.  Have you checked out your local Big Lots? Any new beauty deals?

Sweet Berry Kisses,


  1. The nail polishes look gorgeous!

  2. Hi Sandra! I did a look with them and I was kind of disappointed in two of the colors. Thanks for taking time to read and leaving me a comment.

  3. I need to go to Big Lots!! But I am never in Stevens Point and the closest one to me otherwise (down south) is in Janesville, which is worse than Point. LOL

  4. K-
    You should just make it a point to stop there-it's on the way back to Madison isn't it? LOL. I just go every once in a while, and they always have new beauty stuff for great prices. You should really check it out! :)


  6. aahhh! I really wish we had a big lots here in Canada! You definitely picked out some great deals :)