Thursday, August 4, 2011

LE Wet 'n Wild Vanite Quads

These palettes first came out earlier this year, but I just spotted them on display now at my local Shopko.  Even better, they were marked down on clearance to only $2.54 each (regular retail=$4.99).  There were only three of the four available that were released on display, I'm Ba-roque, Queen Victoria and I Reign Supreme. 

Anyways, I thought that I was already getting a deal with these quads, but when I was checking out, I noticed that they were ringing up for only .99 cents each!  Sweet!  I went back today and got two more for future give-aways/contests. 

These quads have two shadows and two lip glosses in them.  I usually don't like this combo because residue and fall out from the shadows can find their way into the glosses.  But because these were limited edition, I decided to go ahead and purchase anyways.

 Wet 'n Wild quad: I'm Baroque
  Wet 'n Wild Quad:  I Reign Supreme

 Wet 'n Wild Quad:  Queen Victoria
Let's take a closer look at I'm Baroque, shall we?  
The top two are shadows and the bottom two colors are lip glosses.  These shadows are super pigmented and very soft.  I love the color combos that come in this palette, especially the soft shimmery rose-gold shadow on the right.  I'm not overly excited about the glosses.  These are just so-so.  They feel super sticky so I don't know how much I would actually use them.
I Reign Supreme is pictured below.  This one has a shimmery black shadow and a silver shadow on top. Also included is a shimmery pink gloss and a sheer red shimmer gloss.
Queen Victoria quad swatches pictured below.
This quad has an iridescent purple shadow, and a dusty pink shadow.  Also included is a sheer mauve lip color and a sheer glittery red stained lip gloss.  You can see the iridescent purple shadow swatch better in the second picture.  Very pretty.

Again, these shadows are very pigmented.  I can't wait to use them to create different looks.  The glosses are something that I might use if I'm in a pinch.  The little brushes that come with the quad aren't the best, as most aren't, but would work well enough for on the go application.  I wouldn't toss these into my purse though because I wouldn't want to risk the chance of the shadows breaking and getting all over the glosses.  Yuck.  

I still can't believe I lucked out and got these three quads for such a great price.  I did end up going back and picking up two of the three quads for future give aways/contest prizes.  I got I Reign Supreme and I'm Ba-roque stashed away, so stay tuned (or better yet-follow me via GFC) for updates!

Reigning deals,

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