Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wet 'n Wild Dream Team

I picked up these Perfect Couple duos when I stopped in Walgreens to refill my prescription.  Some of the colors packaged together with the top coat I already had in my collection, but these colors jumped out at me. 

Gray's Anatomy, a purpley, green and blue duochrome.  This was paired with the Fast Dry topcoat and retailed for $1.99.  This was a great deal because these polishes usually retail for $1.99 by themselves-so it's like getting the topcoat for free!
Gray's Anatomy
I also got this duo, Everybody Loves Redmond.  This is a creme finish in a bright orangey red color.  Another pretty color for a summer pedi.
Unfortunately, there are no new colors that come in these Perfect Couple packages.  Have you seen these in your local drugstores? 

Nail polish hauling,


  1. Hi Pinkbeauty! Thanks for reading and commenting. These are such a good deal- I hope that you find some! Btw-did you check out my give away? :)

  2. Hi and your welcome Yeah I did get some nail polish I posted in one of my blog haul.(:I be sure to check about your giveaway