Wednesday, August 17, 2011

L'Oreal Color Riche Lip Glosses

Hello ladies!  So, I was really debating over these new lip glosses from L'Oreal.  I was just kind of over the lip-gloss-from-a-tube thing and had thrown out most of mine that I had accumulated from over the years.  I much prefer the tubes of lip glosses that come with a wand.  But then, these came out and I had was torn.   So I broke down and bought them when I saw them on sale at Target this week for only $5.94 each.  I also had a coupon for $1 off any L'Oreal lip product so these babies came home with me.  
 L'Oreal Color Riche lip glosses
 So I picked out Baby Blossom,  a soft, baby pink creme finish and Golden Splash, a rose gold gloss with gold shimmer.  There is quite a selection of finishes with this line.  I would have picked out more to try, but I only had two coupons with me at the time.  

These come with the standard slant tip applicator.  The tube is very long and skinny, which makes for chic packaging.  You do get a good amount of product as well.  The only thing about this type of packaging is that the gloss settles down into the tube and at the very tip of the applicator is gooey waterness.  See swatch below to see what I mean.
 Swatches left to right:  Baby Blossom & Golden Splash
These smell really good and they taste sweet, but not overly sugary.  Application is kind of streaky because it is a squeeze tube.  I had to really move that applicator around to get an even application.  Other than that, of the two colors I picked, I favor Golden Splash more.  Baby Blossom is just too milky on my lips.
 L'Oreal ColorRiche lip gloss in Baby Blossom -no flash
 L'Oreal ColorRiche lip gloss in Baby Blossom -with flash
  L'Oreal ColorRiche lip gloss in Golden Splash-no flash
 L'Oreal ColorRiche lip gloss in Golden Splash-with flash
So, overall, I am not really impressed with these two glosses.  They look super pigmented in the tube but don't really show up well on me.  I already have pigmented lips, so maybe these would look better on someone with paler skin.  I might try a different color from this line if they go on sale again but at this point, I'm happy with my other glosses.

Have you tried these yet?  Which is your favorite color? 

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  1. So glad to discover your blog as I am always interested in reading product reviews! I have been tempted to try this product from Loreal, the J.Lo ad looks amazing with that coral-orange shade she is wearing. But as usual...the review is the same as every loreal lip colour I've's just so/so. I was all excited but I think I'm going to pass after reading your review along with others saying the same thing!

  2. Thanks so much for dropping in and saying hi! I agree, there was so much hype about this product so I just had to try it for myself. Thanks for reading! ^_^