Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Icing on the cake...

The Icing is a costume jewelry store which has also branched out and been featuring more cosmetics in their line.  They have always had eye shadows and nail polish but I always felt that they were kind of tacky and cheap.  I bought two shadow palettes from when the Icing in our local mall was going out of business and they were very disappointing needless to say.  The colors are very chalky and glittery with little pigmentation.  

I checked out the Icing earlier last week while I was in Appleton and was surprised that they had stepped it up a bit with their makeup line. Now, don't go grab your keys and head out to your nearest Icing yet...a lot of the makeup that I looked at is very shimmery, glittery and in-yah-face.  This is definitely marketed more towards the tweens and teens and not my 26 year old arse.  

Here are some of the products pictured on their website, but there is definitely more selection in store. 

So I perused to the clearance section and found a bunch of makeup and makeup brushes on sale.  I eyed up a couple of pink eye shadow brushes because they felt so silky soft, but put them back because I have so many already.  I finally decided on these two jumbo eye shadow pencils:
I bought these on clearance for $2.25 each.  (Don't worry, my wallet thanked me already- lol)  I just wish that I had the NYX jumbo eye pencils so that I can compare these two.  But from the swatches, I was surprised at how wet and creamy these pencils were.  Excited to try these as a base to future looks.

What do you think?  Comparable to NYX pencils or nix?  

Jumbo love,

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