Monday, June 13, 2011

Lucky Me - Hissyfit Cheek Product Review

I have never heard of this brand til it literally landed on my doorstep.  I won this product off of Lucky Magazine Luckybreaks and forgot that I had even entered to win it.  Lucky me.

Hissyfit is a product that was created by celebrity makeup artist Reggie Wells.  Reggie has been doing Oprah's makeup for years.  His line, Hissyfit, is designed to work for women of all colors.  The special "clockpot" design allows women to gradually layer on colors in a clockwise motion for specific wear according to the time of day.  The closer you get to 12:00, the more intense the color and better suited for night time wear.  

Anyways, here is my clockpot again.  The packaging is a bronze color but made of plastic and a knob on the top of the compact.  This is rather large, it fits in the palm of my hand and is about an inch high not including the knob at the top.  There is also a large mirror attached to the inside of the compact.

I received the Cheek Clockpot in shade B which is best suited for medium skin tones.  This particular Clockpot has mostly corals.  There is a circular sponge in the middle of the clock that you can use for blending, but I think I will stick with a fool-proof brush. There are four duos that go around the clockpot, each pair contains a highlight and a contour color.  Each color is matte with no shimmer.

Here are swatches of all of the colors going clockwise:
So what do I think?  First off, I am not a fan of the packaging.  It is so bulky!  And it is rather deceiving because I expected a lot more product than what was actually in there.  Each color is about the size of the top of my thumb.  

Secondly, I wasn't too excited about the color choices that came with it.  If I saw this in the store, I would most likely put it back because of the color combinations.  I just don't see myself reaching for this product for daily use.  Which is okay I guess, especially because I didn't have to shell out the $60 for it.  

No hissyfit here,

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