Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Starry Silver Skies

I have a problem with glitter nail polish.  I just can not leave a mani alone without a coat of glitter polish over the top.  What can I say- this girl likes bling.

Anyways, here is my mani of the moment: 
I painted my nails with three coats of Revlon's Silver, a cream gray color.  I had some trouble with this formula just like I did with Rock.  There was ton's of streaking with the first coat and when it dried there was tons of bubbles.  I had to paint my nails three times in order to get an even color coat, but there was still tons of bubbling.  

I decided to do a glitter topcoat to mask the bubbles.  I painted over Silver with three coats of NYC's Starry Silver Skies.  Starry Silver Skies has tiny silver micro-glitter mixed in with larger blue and pink hexagon glitter pieces.  I love this nail polish and usually wear it all by itself instead of over another color.  Another two coats of Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails clear coat and I'm ready to go.

Are you a fellow glitter addict?



  1. I like glitter nails but taking it off is a pain! How do you take it off?

  2. I use the foil method! Soak cotton balls in nail polish remover and apply to fingernails. Wrap a piece of tin foil over the cotton ball so that it encases the cotton ball to your finger. Repeat for all of your digits. Leave on for 10 or so minutes. Gently wipe the cotton ball away from the nail to remove as much nail polish as possible. This gets most of the polish off. Clean up nails as necessary.