Wednesday, June 8, 2011

RapidLash Trial

I purchased this product at Walgreens when it went on clearance for $25, just half of it's original price!

6/7  Day 1 of use
Here we go.  Day 1 of use.  I wanted to start at the beginning of the month but I have been so busy with school.  I didn't want to have a bad reaction to the product and wake up with giant puffy eyes - just in case- so I wanted to wait for when I didn't have anywhere to be right away in the mornings.  

I put it on right before I went to bed just as directed.  In comparison to the Wet 'n Wild lash serum, this one is not as runny and as gloopy.  Much more user friendly.  I lined my lash base almost as if it were a liquid liner and then went to bed.  I did not notice any itching or uncomfortableness.  So far-so good.

6/9  Day 3 of use:

 6/12 Day 6 of use:
6/19 Day 13 of use:
This is what my lashes look like at almost two weeks of use. I promise I have been using it every night- even when I am dead tired and already in bed, I get back up and put it on.  So what do you think? See any difference yet? :)

6/27 Day 21of use:
Maybe a little more lash growth...what do you think?

7/21 Day 45 of use:
A little longer length I suppose, but I still want thicker lashes. :/

8/1 Day 56 of use:
8/26 Day 81 of use:
I must say that I have been enjoying my longer lashes.  This is the last post that I will update for now.  I have been using this product since June and will continue to use it.  I also forgot to mention that I have experienced no ill side effects from this product.  I rather like it and I will definitely continue using it.  This tube that I have had lasts rather a long time, so I think that it is definitely worth the money.  

Even though I have only experienced length growth as far as my lashes, that is still something than what I had previously had.  Have you tried any lash serums that you think are comparable to RapidLash?  Lmk!

Lash love,

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