Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Champagne & Caviar - A NYX Palette Review

I won this NYX ten eye shadow palette, Champagne & Caviar from the Runway collection with my "stormy eyes" look last month and haven't had time to touch it til today.  My summer classes have been really kicking my butt.  :/
Here are swatches of it from left to right starting from the top row:
Swatched dry & with no primer under

The colors swatch beautifully but they just don't translate on my skin.  Most of the lighter colors don't show up. :( 
Here is one look I tried with the palette:
And a quick tutorial:
1.  Prime lid 
2. Sweep the second color in from left on bottom row all over lid
3.  Using an angled brush, apply the matte dark brown shade (3rd color in from the left, bottom row) to the crease and line the lid.
 4.  Blend
5.  Add a highlight color above the crease and blend.  I used the 4th color in from the left on the top row as a highlight color.
6.  Line eyes with a dark brown pencil.  I used my Avon liner in Dark Brown to line my eyes. 
7. Gently smudge liner up and blend with finger.
 8.  Go over pencil liner with thin line of brown liquid liner.  I used my Wet 'n Wild liquid liner. 
9.  Apply mascara.  I applied a primer first to my lashes, then Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara.
10.  Curl lashes.  I used my Avon heated lash curler.
Finished look.

So what do I think about this palette?  I was really excited when I received it but now that I have used it, I really don't care for it as much.  I just expected so much more.  Most of the colors are too sheer and don't show up on my skin.  Once blended, the colors end up so muddy on me.  Ughhh... One of the things that I always look for in a palette is the one shade that I can wear all by itself as an all over lid color.  Needless to say, this palette did not offer me that.  Bummer.  I don't see myself reaching for this palette everyday, but I will try different looks and play around with it more.

Staying sane,

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