Monday, June 20, 2011

Racy Red Hot Nails

I decided to use my new Maybelline Express Finish nail polish in #160, Racy Red that I purchased from Walgreens for $1.29 last week for today's mani.
I had to put on two coats to achieve opacity because the formula was a little runny.  Had to clean up cuticles with the acetone but nothing too bad.  Not really a fan of the brush either.  I just had a hard time maneuvering it around and getting color to the sides and near the cuticle.  Formula needed to be loaded on the brush or else it would drag across the nail bed.  I love the drying time though.  Fabulous!  I hate having to sit around and wait for gobs of nail polish to dry.

I usually don't do red fingernails even though it's such a classic look.  I like to save bright colors for pedi's instead.  So I couldn't leave the red alone.  Oh no, not me. 

I decided to do one coat of glitter polish over the red.  (Of course!) I used my Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine polish in #460D, Kaleidoscope.  This glitter nail polish is sooo pretty.  I love the holographic hexagon glitter in this formula.  Gorgeous!  I actually used some of this in my previous franken nail polish so I need to go and get a backup of this color because I love it so much.  Only gripe is that the drying time on this color takes for-ever-ness.  Which is why I only did one coat. lol.
Racy red nails,

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