Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish - Steel Gray

 Rimmel nail polishes were on sale this last week at Walgreens - 2 for $4, which is a great deal because these normally retail for around $4 each.  I got two colors from this collection, and I stacked my $1 off coupon with this purchase, so I got one of the polishes for $1!  The first one I'm showing you all is Steel Gray.  I think that on the nails, this color is more taupe than gray, but still a pretty color nonetheless.
I'm glad I waited to purchase these at Walgreens, because at Kmart, Rimmel polishes were almost $5 for one and Walmart was $4 for one. Do I know when and where to shop or what? lol. 

Anyways, these colors are my first Rimmel nail polishes.  Yes- I am a Rimmel virgin.  (well, my nails are anyways.)  I like the square bottle and the crown on the top of the brush handle.  So chic. 
 Steel Gray in natural light
 Steel Gray in shade
This is three coats.  Application is okay, but had to load the brush so that it wouldn't drag.  Also, this is one of the coolest brushes I have ever seen.  The brush is tapered and allows for close application to the cuticle and the sides of the nail.  So great.  This look is topped with one coat of Seche Vite on top. If you look closely, my cuticles are still stained a bit red from my previous Maybelline mani.  ugh.  Even with acetone, it didn't come off. :(

I probably will layer on something else on top of this, but I will have to leave that til tomorrow because it's getting pretty late.

Sweet dreams,


  1. very pretty color...but i personally dont like nail polishes that requires more than one coat...with two three coats it takes them forever to dry:)

  2. Hi benish! Thanks for leaving me a comment. The drying time on this particular polish wasn't too bad. But, yes, I know what u mean! I am not very patient either when it comes to drying time so I usually have big dents and snags in my nails. lol