Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Icing on the Nails

I took my current mani and layered a coat of this nail polish I got at the Icing.  These were $4.50 each but the Icing had a cosmetics deal- buy one get one half off.  I picked out these two colors:  Epic Winning and Glimmer.
I took Glimmer and used one coat of it over my current mani, Rimmel London's Steel Gray color.  See the Steel Gray mani here.  But after painting my thumb, I was surprised that it only took one coat to get it opaque.  I will say that although the color is very pigmented, the formula is very gloopy and hard to work with.  I like the shimmer factor but it is very thick on the nail.  It also dries semi-matte.  It also feels gritty and grainy from all of the glitter particles.  Definitely add topcoat to get a glossy and smooth finish.  And as I was putting on my topcoat, I was thinking that I liked my Steel Gray mani a lot better.  *sigh* 
 Glimmer on the nails, Steel Gray on ring finger
I had such high hopes for Glimmer especially because I don't have anything like it.  It's silver, but almost like a taupey shifty silver and the holographic glitter does not show up as well as it does in the bottle. (I know it's hard to tell in the picture above but it's there, I promise)  In all, I like it but not in love with it.  Very disappointing. I will give it another go though by itself and see if I like it better that way.

Epic disappointment,

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